7 thoughts to Everstryke Matches How Can I Purchase At 23:39

  1. How tough are these thrunites in general? Can I punish these? I work in an oil refinery and could use something like this or the tn30/32 for work. Thanks

  2. This light is now only 1200 lumens, and no longer includes the diffuser. I contacted Thrunite and they couldn't even sell me one separately. Their website still lists the old version that they don't sell as NEW. Without the diffuser and with the lumen drop, this is a much worse deal than the nightcore EC4S, as long as you don't need the throw. If you need the throw, there are better lights than this. The hotspot is so small on the new version it makes the light pretty useless. Thrunite support seems super confused when you try to give them feedback. Too, bad, because it feels really solidly built. It just doesn't perform well for the price.

  3. An "O-Light" M-22 Warrior is 10X better than the light you're reviewing,,,,Give that light a Review, and you'll truly be awed by its Performance. Cheer's Andy.