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  1. if ur making a backpacking/camping for about a week bag, than u did very well! if ur trying to make a true B.O.B or SHTF grab it and go bag or i dont know when or if im coming back bag, than u FAILED miserably!! good video! i did notice ur WAY TOO into high end brand name crap but if mommy and daddy got the money than more power to ya!

  2. I think you need to add about another 20 packs of matches and another 6-8 lighters and you'll be set. Oh, and don't forget to get at least one more lighter, just in case.

  3. Your sleep system is only a hammock and poncho? I'm guessing you don't use a sleeping pad (even if you have a hammock) sleeping pads provide insulation (especially in cold conditions) maybe a blanket, over head tarp to protect you from the rain, spare clothing, 3 pairs of socks? Up to you just suggestions. I myself am quite redundant as well with my B.O.B doubles of almost everything.

    I also suggest a tom Sawyer water filter, it is light weight, very cheap (20$ Good for 100,000 gallons depending on what you get) and don't have to use Water purification tablets (they can be quite dangerous if you don't use them properly)

    For the foot powder have you tried getting smaller containers to put them in? just to reduce weight, and if one happens to break you don't have a massive mess or lose one you still have multiples.

    Last suggestion is to acquire a survival guide handbook, of some sort. (I own the "SAS Survival Guide" it is a wonderful some pocket book, with so much information from shelter, to hunting, trap making, fire making, medicine, and has detailed pictures of herbs, wild edibles, and so much more help for information. Gear is one thing but knowledge has its power.

    Anyways just a few ideas to throw out there, helping out a fellow Bug Out Prepper. Take it how it is. Just suggestions

  4. Quality over quantity man. To many poor knife, need more food, no traps/hunting stuff, to much bic lighter (fero rod is better), to much cooking pot, no trauma kit, bad medical equipement, bulky and heavy, no personal hygiene kit…

    Time for a upgrade dude

  5. Я вижу-это ни разу не бралось в поход. Бумажный выживальщик ))))))))))))))))

  6. you might want to give up the talcum powder its a known cancer causer…good kit btw