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  1. It's not one of the best – it is the best.
    When it comes to the security of drinking water, I'd rather take the compromise of the prize once, as any compromise in quality again and again, every time I use it. Imo access to drinking water is just too important to not buy the best gear on the market.

    When I know that I carry potentially 50'000 liters of save and clean drinking water in my backpack or haversack, I have a real good sense of security. One of 3 basic needs contented – what ever may come.

    Also for home-preppers: Having a Katadyn Pocket and some Tanks of collected rainwater in Home is way better than store hundreds of gallons of botteled water! Even if You don't have to leave home – but imagine what happend if You'd have to leave: You may carry 1-2 gallons by feet or 10-20 by car… GAME OVER!

    Yeah, this swiss quaity filter costs more than others, but if You break the prize down to 1 gallon of filtered water, it's not more expensive as others. And if You calculate for prepping with 1 replacement filter element (total 100'000 liters) and calculate the prize for 1 gallon again, it gets nearby to cheap!

  2. The only downsides to this water filter is the price, (Which is actually cheaper than some lower grade filters believe it or not.) and the weight. (It is heavier than any other tool I take with me in fact, including a collapsible shovel and massive battening knife.) But this thing looks built to last. I do wish they had made the center section out of machined aluminum though, instead of PVC pipe. (Makes the main body of the filter the weakest point in the chain.)