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all right so first things first if you
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people that know about this channel the
better decision people can make before
they go out and buy these products. Today we’re going to talk about a telescope that
I bought for my phone, YES for my phone! I wanted to do this review on the top of a
mountain so I decided to go hiking I
wanted to be able to overlook the City
of Phoenix and see downtown from the top of this mountain. Now I want to say, when
I got this I was super ecstatic and
ready to use it just to do this review
Pro #1 Alright so you can see
there’s people at the top up there but
this is as good as I can get it with my
phone now when we add the mono scope to
the top of it you can see that
everything is going to come in clearer and
you can actually see the people up there
Outside of that Pro I have to jump right
in and quickly say, you guys know me my
videos wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t
talk about the cons {slap sound}! Now Con #1
when I ordered this telescope from
attitude today dot com, it took around five
weeks for it to finally get to me now
when I ordered it it did tell me it
would take around two weeks but it took
way longer than that! Con #2, as
you guys can see that I’m showing you
here it shows that you could see people
from distances away and it also shows
that you could see craters on the moon
simply by zooming this in on your phone.
Now 2 things kind of threw me off here
when I connected this as you guys can
see everything looked as it was ocular
when I looked at the video that was
displaying through all the social media
let’s it was all vertical there was no
ocular filming, now that after my testing,
makes me think that maybe they were
using a telescope of some sort and then
added this on it because I can tell you
I was not that far away from a lot of
these objects that I was zooming in on
and I got nowhere near the zoom that
they got on this ad that was being sent
out. That was a major con! The next Con
which totally disappointed me, is when I
was trying to connect this to my phone
the instructions say put the bracket on
first now by putting the bracket on
firs, now you have to screw the
telescope on to the bracket once the
bracket is in position. That didn’t work
for me because it just kept moving so I
decided to try it another way, which was
putting the telescope on to the bracket
first and then screwing this in to the
actual bracket on the phone. That didn’t
seem to work so I ended up just having
to keep playing with it and finally
after around 5 or 10 minutes I was able
to get it in position. Once I did that
and I started to try and record, as soon
as I would try to focus the telescope, it
would move it out of position again
leading me to con number 4! By trying to
tighten this on my phone with the
bracket on the back to keep it in place
the bracket broke! It broke
midway through me filming at the top of
this mountain. I climbed to the top of this
mountain to do this review and the
bracket broke simply by me just twisting
it and trying to tighten it on the back
of my phone. At that point as you can see
here I almost threw this thing off the
top of the mountain because
was just disappointing in all aspects. I
was not able to zoom in on people I
didn’t like the fact that it took five
to six weeks to get here and then on top
of that my first day of really trying to
utilize this to do a tech review, it
broke! Now I’ll say this like I do in all
my videos I don’t have any ties to any
of these companies. If I go out and buy
something and I want to do a review I’m
doing it so you can make a better
decision before you guys go out and
spend your money. With all of that said,
if you like this video, hit that thumbs
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decision people to make before they go
out and buy these products. Again this
has been another production from “OndaWire”, I’m out!

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  1. I unfortunately bought the EXACT same model…(no name brand on it but the box with the eagle was identical and the telescope appeared to be the same). I made the mistake of purchasing it through an ad on Instagram…NEVER AGAIN! Mine took nearly THREE MONTHS to arrive! Now that I have it, there is no bracket included (no loss evidently) and the zoom feature does not work at all…there are two dials, one by the eyepiece and a larger dial on the body. Both just focus. I am currently working on trying to return it and get a refund. Although my item shipped from China, the return address is Auburn, AL.
    I have learned to research elsewhere, rather than buying from the pop-up ad! Thanks for your review!

  2. Ha yea should have came here and watched this first : / Ordered one back on June 2, with the fone connector also. Order form said 5 – 8 weeks, which is like NOW and still haven't rec'd a shipment email. Called up the # on the ordered form couple weeks ago, person reaffirmed the order and said I'd be receiving shipment email within 3 weeks…still holding out hope. Would be great to have rec'd this to view comet Neowise. Woulda coulda shoulda : ( Great vid btw thx!

  3. Wished I'd seen this before I sent for one, good thing is I won't even open it, just send it back, good job I payed with PayPal .

  4. I watched your video and ordered one monocular anyway. It is a piece of junk. I paid $20 with free shipping. I have several old 7×50 marine binoculars with one side lens broken, I cut them into two monoculars and they are way way better than this 40×60 junk.

  5. Yes, it's a scam. The ad shows zoom-in footage using a very expensive telescope and but they're selling you a junky scope with almost no focal power. What a con.

  6. Thank you so much i almost purchased this for my granddaughter, you saved me from wasting money 💰 😊