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  1. Howdy, Bryan; Great review on kit every1 should have.so needed in the winter months as we don't get the sun as long.I have 2 but not the type U have.Ours R the
    cheaper type,haven't had an issue yet,Almost 2 yrs.old.Tks 4 sharing. Stay Warm.
    Blessings From Canada

  2. I've owned the energizer headlamps, they have a few models that are an excellent choice for budget campers. I own this Black Diamond Storm and it is by far my favorite headlamp. I have given out about 6 as gifts with great feedback.

    I like to think of it as the Swiss Army knife of headlamps.
    I would like to add that it does have a red indicator as the last battery level. It is regulated for what I have heard the first 25% of battery life instead of the cheaper headlamps diminishing in brightness from the first power on.
    Right now it is being phased out for the 2014 model so you can get it from almost anywhere for $35.

    One feature that EVERYONE seems to miss and it really is not even in the manual is that there are small grooves cut in not the adjuster part, but the other plastic part on the strap. These fit perfectly into the flathead screw slot on the battery screw. You only need to tighten it finger tight and slightly snug it up with the makeshift screwdriver built right into the strap.

  3. Good review. I love mine. I'll have to checkout the case. Thanks. atb Opal

  4. If you wear the light upside down around your neck you can adjust the angle of the beam as well.

  5. Cub scout camp all the boys had head lamps and we couldnt see anything. Constantly got shined in face. Interesting. When I attended Boy Scout camp I noticed the scouts just used their night vision when navigating around trails at night. Made sense.