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chaos checklist be ready for any disaster prepping for brexit emergency survival situations
hi it’s AaskaGranny have you thought
about your emergency survival shtf brexit disaster chaos checklist the things
that you need to do remember and
stockpile for any emergency situation we
don’t really ever know what emergency disaster could happen
or how long an emergency survival prepping shtf situation would last but one thing
is for sure there are a lot of emergency survival disaster things
that come along that interfere with our
daily life we never know what’s coming
or how long it will last
earthquakes last a few seconds
tornadoes a few minutes other emergencies like floods may
last a few weeks we don’t really know
what could come but we do know there are
all kinds of emergencies from a few
seconds to a few weeks that can totally
disrupt our lives and those of our
community so we don’t know what’s coming
or how long it’ll last but we do know we
want to be ready and we want to be
prepared for emergencies disasters
sometimes the aftermath of an event
lasts far longer than the event itself a
few seconds of an earthquake okay it’s
over but what if there’s major damage
disruption to electricity water heat in
the wintertime so we want to prepare for
the aftermath of emergencies disasters and not just an event
itself the disaster may not be the
problem but the recovery could be so you
want to have your emergency disaster chaos checklist and
you want to check it off and make sure
that you’re ready do you have enough
water and have you checked your water
supplies that they’re still safe do you
have enough food storage check it out
take an inventory of your long term food storage prepper pantry if you’re missing some
long-term food storage items stock up
now what about emergency heat if it’s
wintertime do you have a back-up plan if
your furnace goes out the power is knocked out down do you have enough garbage bags pet
supplies toiletries baby items check
your flashlights your batteries candles
matches lighters this would be a good
time to make sure that you have a
wind-up or USB rechargeable flashlight
or radio check your home security and
harden your home make sure your home is
as safe and secure as you can make it
then what are some lifestyle choices to
make so that you have the things you
need no matter what your day brings to
you always make sure that your
electronics are charged get a few of
those external battery packs even a
solar charger so you can keep those electronics
things charged and ready for you make
sure you keep your car as full of gas as
possible try never to let the fuel tank
get below a 1/2 in your car keep a fully
stocked first-aid kit make sure you have
the over-the-counter medications that
you would want and any prescription
medicines that you need keep cash on
hand there are so many problems that we
can be avoided if we have a little bit
of cash make sure you have a stash of
small bills not just large ones you can
get a bottle of water you can give kids
money to go on a field trip there are
certain businesses that only will accept
cash and if you have some cash on hand your
immediate situation doesn’t lend itself
to a crisis situation make a emergency disaster chaos
checklist so that you can be ready for
any kind of an emergency that comes your
way check over your prepping supplies learn how
to use your emergency supplies them rotate supplies like food medicine where it’s necessary and have an eye out for what’s
going on around you and in your
community and the world at large so you
won’t be caught off guard know that
you’ve prepared the best you can and that
you’ll be able to face whatever comes
your way
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny

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Everstryke Pro How Can We Order

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  1. You are so right my right my friend……I feel things are in motion that cant be stopped……GBY stay safe

  2. I have my list of items I need in case of an emergency and the items are replaced once put into use at home.


  4. Speaking of having "an eye out:" Just last week purchased a spare of Rx glasses. Realized, if my daily specs were broken and the contact lens supply ran out, I would be up a creek. (Or peering through a pinhole in a piece of cardboard – LOL!) 🤓 (ps: Who is the sweet black dog?)

  5. I've got enough water, food and supplies to last at least 3 weeks, but it wouldn't all be pleasant. Winter advice right now: Check your car battery. Is it older than 5 years? Do you start it every day and let it run for 30 minutes? Is your tank of gas at 100%? It should be. Great video, AG. Thanks.