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Daddy Don: The camera’s on?
Man: The camera is on.
D: You hit record?
M: Yep.
D: Because I usually hit record.
M: Okay got it.
D: Yeah okay thanks. Hey I am Daddy Don and
I am filling in for Daddy Troy because the
guys went to Sweden and they didn’t want
me to go. So today I’m going to show you
how to stay prepared you know for power outage
or it rains real hard or if you get hit by
a tornado. We don’t have a sponsor today.
Candles are good because they don’t take
electricity. When your power is out you can
light them for light. This is a flashlight.
You’ll need one of these if the lights go
out. But only at night. Unless you don’t
have any windows like in this bathroom. I’m
kind of scared. What the? Oh geez what the
heck? Oh I’, scared. My father-in-law bought
me this and I really haven’t had a chance
to put it together. I don’t really know
how it works. I guess you just put batteries
in it. I would rather just plug it in you
know. So that takes like 9 C-Batteries. They
come in 8 packs and it takes like 9. It’s
like they have some conspiracy with the battery
company so you have to buy the extra pack
of batteries. And they don’t even go in
right. What the heck is wrong with this thing?
I would rather just plug this thing in; it’s
got a hole somewhere. Yeah it’s got a plug
in hole right here. See? Anyway forget the
batteries. It’s good to have big wrench,
it’s multipurpose for moving big pieces
of house? Then there is this thing that is
good for my daughter because she likes to
like wind this. It’s really abrupt. You
gotta keep winding it and it only lasts as
long as you keep winding it. It will keep
going. But the weird thing is that this thing
makes a lot of noise while you are winding
it so it is hard to hear. (Babbling) I hope
that doesn’t offend anyone of the Spanish
speaking people. Anyway this one is good if
you want to let your daughter, son or whoever
just winds it for you. You can just sit back
and listen to the game if you could ever figure
out how to tune it to the channel that is
the game once your house is blown away. You
gotta be prepared. Twelve is probably enough.
These big ones. Think ahead and buy bottled
water. It’s quite refreshing even when the
power is on. It’s good to use a caulking
gun before the storm hits. Caulk your windows.
Caulk your door jams. Caulk your bathroom
it just might save your life. It’s good
to keep some boxes. Boxes help you store stuff.
If you suddenly need to move all of your stuff
or what is left of it you have to fold them
and tape the edges so do that. So like this
–oh! A spider. So that’s it for today’s
Gear I hope you learned something. Troy will
be back next week. If you log on to DadLabs.com
you get a chance to win Durex condoms. And
they are tropical lubricated. And they are
assorted colors. But all you have to do is
make a comment and tell me if you know what
this dance move is from the 90’s.

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Everstryke Pro Lighter How Do I Buy

8 thoughts to Everstryke Pro Lighter How Do I Buy At 7:42

  1. Didn't the Backstreet Boys do that dance move?

    Anyway, aside from that the only thing I have to say is: 0_o?!

    – Heidi

  2. Seriously Don… NEVER try to host again… just post reruns… cause this is funny… but it just isn't the usual stuff we love.

    Ah, well, at least you tried.

  3. Been fun seeing you on DadLabs. Nice change for awhile.. 🙂

    Funny video..