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  1. I dont see that it would be a death sentence, as long as the ship is equipped with a dual bell system, which should be mandatory in my opinion and I think a good few ships these days have another bell on board….attach two lifting cables to the rescue bell and lower them down with two of the other drivers already at depth pressure , I would figure they would be back to the surface withing 6 hours

  2. I know how to survive in a diving bell 400ft under the ocean with little to no oxygen thanks to this video.Oh I forgot I don't ever dive.

  3. Search mr ballen Thursday and friday 2-3/4-2021 is the lost bell episode probably 3rd strange dark mysterious story.

  4. I don't know how I got here but thank you for this video. 👍 This was extremely scary.

  5. Idk if I would want to throw my diving gear out of the bell lol. What if you need it to like transfer to another bell or something? It doesnt seem like a good idea

  6. So as long as you don’t touch the bell it won’t take away the heat. Or someem like that?