14 thoughts to Flare Light Flashlights Cheapest Prices Online At 13:40

  1. I have had difficulty flicking a bic in the cold, the flame wandering around and blowing out, so I got one on the way from Amazon after I watched your vid! I have been wanting to get something like this for a while and think it will be an excellent piece of gear. Thanks.

  2. I just got one but it will not light, it lights 1/3 of the time. Does any one have any suggestions on butane. Oh I almost forgot, you have one of the best survival channels I know.

  3. Hi Bryan, thanks for an interesting vid. I have the cheaper, ranger 2 version of this lighter and I have found some drawbacks with it for use as a survival tool.
    1) It is very susceptible to dirty fuel, jets seem to block very easily.
    2) Being butane it only works down to about 0C / 32F unless you stick it down your trousers. Isobutane/propane mix would take the min. operating temp. usefully lower.
    3) The flame height adjustment is recessed and ideally needs the correct width/thickness screwdriver to access it.
    4) My personal experience is that it guzzles gas.

    For these reasons, as a "survival" tool I would prefer to rely on a box of lifeboat matches though I take your point that the turboflame is much more versatile. I'd be interested to know if you still think this lighter is as good now that you've used it awhile. Thx again Paul

  4. Now that is an absolute must have! Redundancy is the way to go, because you never know. Haha! That should be a slogan.

  5. What about the clicker? That's always the first thing to go with these kind of lighters. It would be a good idea to test it to failure to see how many clicks it will go. At least with a flint lighter you can always replace the flint.

  6. good video, it show;s nicely how this lighter is so much better then a standard one. makes me wanna go outside

  7. One is non and two is one. This may be the only fire ignition source I don't have. So I will get at least one of something. After reading others pointers I am leaning toward a three flame butane torch lighter. Might not burn as hot as this one although I hope more likely to work with three flames if things go wrong with a dirty tip or two. Thinking of trying the higher grade butane or maybe there is a pack size colder weather butane.

  8. I dont smoke but i like lighters and always buy them. I always have to ask someone tot buy it for me at me local survival-walmart sort of store because im 14 and i cant buy them