7 thoughts to Flare Light Flashlights How Can One Order At 7:41

  1. You didn't show it being sprung so how would anyone know if it really works. Surely your not suggesting "trust me".

  2. why not have it above, like a glow in the dark dye pack? it would cover the perp in glowing liquid making them east to spot

  3. Great video, I am in the process of researching for a chem light rat trap alarm. I like this design and might use it. I want to make around 24 alarms for perimeter security for if SHTF were to happen. The only thing that I would change is to add 550 cord or Jute cord instead of zip ties to secure the alarm to a tree or what ever. The cord would allow you to secure the alarm to a wider diameter. I love 550 cord but I am leaning towards the Jute cord. Its inexpensive so you can buy more for your money and it is fibrous and natural earth tone color. Being fibrous will help it blend in during the day time like a ghilly suit does. I know this is an older video but I am going to subscribe so I can see what else you have planned.

  4. May I suggest a small hook or bent nail that swivels placed at the top so that you can twist it to hold the snap bar in place while you set the trap, then swivel it down so that the trap is armed…