15 thoughts to Flare Light Flashlights Lowest Price Buy Here At 13:39

  1. i think you could add some wind proof matches in a 2×2 ziploc bag and maybe some juke twine in that gap (it's good for tinder when you fluff it up.) Great video 🙂

  2. Lotta black tape covering everything. Have to take the whole mess apart to get to something closer to the sheath. There must be an easier way instead of all that winding and taping. I'll think about it since the overall idea is worthwhile.

  3. It could be done different. But this kit is never meant to be gotten into unless in a survival situation, John.

  4. maybe im crazy…but i keep an ammo pouch on my knife belt where i basically the same items plus a disposable tube tent and a blanket

  5. its not gonna work buddy..sorry to say..one- two – and three times you remove and put back the tape, its all gone..its not gonna stick and you ll be in trouble..I think you really wasted your time on this video..I will not do this..to take the needle off, you got to remove all the tape one by one.. sorry I dont like this bro..

  6. Your like the master at unwinding twine,I would of been like,Aw fugget stop the video.

  7. Dude, If you [ or me ] fell and broke a hand or wrist, and had a bad gash that needs stitching you would not be able to get pass the tape arsenal. ITEMS are cool and compact, but I would re think packing. You already ran out of 1 roll of elec tape. LESS IS MORE