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The Instablade is so thin, it fits snugly in your wallet, hides right in your shirt pocket, or fits in even the smallest handbag.

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CLICK HERE For FREE Credit Card Knife

Hello ladies and gentlemen, here we got a neat little and free credit card knife product that I got from survival life, it’s a kinda like a forum place, and it’s good for like survival tips and things like that.. preparedness, I don’t know. I’ll leave a link at the bottom, but they have a neat little item that I liked, it’s this little nifty guy right here.CC Knife

It’s a knife, let me let me flip it out for you first, and then we’ll go over a little bit of details of it.

Alright, so, you pop that baby out like that. There’s your blade, move the small piece around and then the big piece has got some little snaps that go in there, you got yourself a little, little knife.

It’s got some jibbing here on the top and it’s got this little piece of the plastic for your hand. You got a nice workable little, little blade, comes out fairly sharp. It’s a surgical steel blade, and believe it or not, this is the weight and size of a credit card.

So, we’re just gonna do a little size comparison okay. That’s a normal sized business card okay. So it’s pretty close in size, but definitely is the size and weight of a credit card, which anybody has room in a wallet in a pack, err.. in your pocket, I don’t have a shirt pocket, but you know those ones you just slide that in.

We got a little bit of specs here, right here, I don’t know if you can see it, it’s got a little safety button, when the green is showing, the blade don’t come out, it’s locked in place.

Now when you slide that around, and there’s no green that means pop the blade out and once again, just move it like that and there you go.

Now guys this credit card knife was free. That’s right, I got this for free, from survival life, i’m gonna leave a link here.

You do have to pay shipping/handling but I think that was $4.95 not a bad price for all little guy like this.

It’s not gonna cut down trees but hey it might save your life one day you know, a little extra preparedness, who can’t always use an extra blade right?

Here’s some credit card knife specs for you:

  • It’s only 2 mm thin. So it actually IS as thin as your credit card
  • You only need just a few seconds to transform it from an unassuming card to a fully and perfectly functioning knife
  • This is a surgical steel blade, a stainless steel knife, constructed for durable and rust-free sharpness
  • It has hand protection built right in. Helps you get a solid grip and effectively prevents the blade from slipping
  • There also built-in safety sheath which prevents potential accidents (prevents blade to open in your pocket or pack etc…)
  • It’s water-proof locking mechanism, opens easier and faster than any ordinary penknives – there is no metal hinges that rust etc…

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There is a thumb groove here, and like a ledge here you can rest your finger on so if you actually cutting on something you shouldn’t slip off of it onto the blade itself and that is as far as safety goes that’s it, to fold it back up you just unsnap it, fold your blade back around and put the lock on the blade and then these wings are gonna remain kinda flappy there, as soon as they get in your wallet they will straighten out.

To use this credit card knife itself, you take the safety off of green and you fold out the knife blade, first thing you want to do is fold over the small tab and then the larger tab, and it snaps together, and that’s really all there is to it.

As far as the thickness on the blade it’s pretty rigid man, it may look like that I’m bending it but if I am its ever so slightly.

So let me get something here, and I’ve not put an edge on this, I’ve not touched it, my friends know I can’t sharpen knives anyway, I always take them to them to sharpen.

So again I’ve never cut a thing with this, I don’t even know how well its gonna do, but that I think it should do this pretty well so, nothing special here, I’ve just gonna put it in and push down without using hardly any force. First I will demonstrate with this grapefruit, because I’m hungry, I want to munch on it once I get done here.

So, there’s that. Actually, pretty good, I’m happy with that.

This free credit card knife is pretty thin, so for cutting demonstrations I’m actually pretty pleased with that, the only thing I noticed when I was using it, is, the blade pulled out of that little holding screw hole there, it pulled out of that, and as I was pulling the blade towards me it wanted to star flexing like this, so you have to be careful.

I wanna reiterate this this particular blade is for emergency use and obviously you want it to work when the time comes but you won’t be using it for everyday tasks like opening plastic pieces of packaging material on a daily basis.

So, I’ve gotta give it a thumbs up!

If you order today (credit card knife is FREE!), you get the
“Utlimate Survival Skills Book” Bonus Guide Absolutely FREE.

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Guys, this knife is really an invaluable utensil. And in case you’ve been wondering.. this is pure steel and WILL set ANY metal detector, so it is NOT easily smuggled onto airlines.

Grab it today, that’s all I’m gonna say.

*This IS a time-limited offer, so act before this free credit card knife offer expires.

Is the credit card knife really free?

Yes, the knife is really free, you really and only need to pay a very small fee for shipping and handling, that’s it. no hidden fees whatsoever.

Is this free credit card knife legit?

Yes, it is legit and you can use it however you want, just cannot take it onto airlines as it will set a metal detector obviously.

The price is very affordable – FREE!

How can you not like that? Of course there’s a small s/h fee, but the knife itself IS free (and this hybeam flashlight is also free), so if you’ve been sitting on the fence about this one, maybe now is the time to grab this deal?

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Get 100% Free Credit Card Knife Today!
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