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update bug out bag get home 72 hour emergency kit for spring best backpack Life bivy USB flashlight GoTime Gear
hi it’s AlaskaGranny it’s springtime
it’s time to clean out and update your
bug out bag emergency it get home back 72 hour kit the first thing you want to
do is take everything out of your bug out bag what’s in your bug out bag lay it out and
then go through your emergency gear with a fine-tooth
comb the first thing you want to decide
is your bag still suitable to hold all of your emergency gear is it the
right size does it hold enough maybe
it’s too big and holds too much look it
over and think about each thing
critically your bug out bag needs to
keep you safe and alive for 72 hours
without weighing you down with so much
gear and equipment that it’s not
sensible for you to be able to actually
take your bug out bag with you make it something you
can actually carry if you needed to
in case of a real emergency the first
thing you want to look at is updating
for spring weather you need to have a
rain jacket you need to have a hat maybe
a bandana even in the summer days when
it’s hot it can be very cold at night so
you want to make sure that you have
something that can completely cover and clothes you
from head to toe I like to use the skivvy
roll where you roll your socks shirt and
a clean pair of underwear all-in-one packet
make sure you have a comfortable pair of
shoes take out your snow boots for
spring and put in a pair of hiking shoes
for tennis shoes so that you could
really get up and walk and go wherever
you needed to the next thing you want to
look at update is your food take out all the
food and water check the expiration date
see if it still meets your needs go
through your food I tend to put too much
food in and it gets too heavy and so
I’ve been taking some out also replacing
it with things that are easier to eat if
you take things like Mountain House meals you
have to be able to cook them and you
have to have extra water if you get
something like a Ready Meals an already prepared food
in a pouch all you have to do is tear it
open and eat it it doesn’t matter if
it’s cold it doesn’t matter
if you can’t cook it you can still just
tear it open and eat it on the go and
the container is not so much extra
weight like a can would be best food for your bug out bag emergency kit make sure you
have lots of fresh water you don’t just
put water bottles in the bug out emergency kit make sure
that they have water in them some people
store the water bottles empty thinking in an
emergency I’ll fill them up on my way
but that’s not always going to be
something that you’re able to do change
the water make sure your containers are
fresh make sure you not only have water
but you have an emergency water filter Survivor Filter and some
Aquatabs water purification tablets the next
thing you want to look through is your
shelter kit do you have some black
plastic bags do you have a Life Bivy bag emergency sleeping bag get
some emergency blankets a poncho a pair
of gloves and keep hand warmers if it
gets cold or you get wet these are going to make you able to be comfortable and keep
going no matter what the circumstances
look for a lightweight emergency stove Coghlan’s I
have this emergency stove packed in with some extra
candles for fuel so that I could heat food but if
I didn’t have the time or the ability to
it doesn’t matter because my food is
going to be okay anyway have a first-aid
kit go through it make sure your
medicines are up-to-date make sure you
have all of the components from
band-aids to bandages to tweezers
everything that you need to keep it
up-to-date read up on how to administer
first aid and keep your skills sharp if
you take prescription medicines make
sure you have several of those in your
first-aid kit also make sure you keep a
copy of any doctors medical records or
prescription keep a copy of the
prescription with you if you wear
glasses keep an extra pair in your bug
out bag next I have my lighting I have
some fire-starting kits I have some glow
sticks I have
headlamp and a USB rechargeable
flashlight the Go Time Gear USB rechargeable
flashlights are great you can plug it
into a computer or even like sometimes
in your car you’ll have the USB
capability you can charge these on the
go so a USB compatible flashlight is a
great option next make sure you have
tools make sure you have a pocketknife
some zip ties a multi-tool I also have a
four-way plumbing sillcock key tool if you’re in an
urban survival situation a sillcock tool
can turn on water faucets outside of
commercial buildings they don’t have the
twist handle on them that you would have
on your faucet at home you need a tool
to be able to access drinking water make
sure you have some toiletries and with
summer time make sure you also include
sunscreen and bug repellent keep a copy
of all your emergency contact
information a copy of your
identification how to get a hold of your
insurance people all the important
numbers that you would need to contact
in an emergency situation keep an
up-to-date photograph of your family
group together you’ll be able to show
that you belong together if you should
become separated you’ll have a far
easier time trying to track them down if
you can show a picture of who you’re
looking for volcanic eruptions and
forest fires can be a hazard make sure
you have some dust mask so that you’ll
be able to protect your breathing
capabilities every emergency kit needs
some paracord some duct tape and an
emergency radio I like the eton scorpion emergency flashlight radio USB charger
it has a wind-up and a solar component
it has a radio it has a flashlight it
has a USB component I can use it to
charge my USB flashlight and my phone go
through your bug out bag make sure you
include the absolute necessities to help
you stay alive and well and safe but
don’t overdo redundancies
so you have so much gear that you’re not
able to carry your bag around I go back
and periodically weed things out of my
Go Time Gear backpack bug-out bag I tend to have so much extra
stuff it’s too heavy and I wouldn’t be
able to truly utilize the things I
really need in an emergency it’s just
like when you go on vacation take half
the clothes and twice the money make
sure you also have cash in your bug out
bag as well cash can be king in an
emergency spring clean your bug out bag emergency get home bag
get it up to date and make it really
suit your needs so that you’ll be okay
no matter what comes your way
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to
the AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. I love that video and after seeing it I have to get some things which I may need to put in my Army bag which I keep handy just in case I need it. In one backpack I have the necessary things I thought would be handy except for my medications and nothing in my second backpack yet. I thank you for putting this video up so I can update my second backpack and have one for different situations.

  2. Sillcock. Fantastic advice. I will be adding that to the bug out bag. Great video!!

  3. great info AG. I go thru them every so often. Cycle food and water and pills/meds. Trimming both weight and bulk as i can without losing too much functionality/capability

  4. Volcanic eruptions produce poisonous gases that average dust masks don’t protect against.

  5. N95 masks are good for 85 percent of what most of the exposure from a volcano the other 15 percent you need a gas mask and need to leave the area anyway aloha from the big island Hawaii