11 thoughts to G700 Tactical Flashlight On Ebay How Can I Order At 15:45

  1. Good video and appears to be a valid durability test for the Chinese import. Gerber does most, if not all, of the designing of their blade products in the US. Also, Gerber does manufacture some of their products, using US steel, right here in the good 'ol USA. However, they also farm out some of their more popular items (BG Ultimate Pro knife being one) to foreign domains using local steel of that country. So keep that in mind if you're so inclined. Back to the video and product test – as much as I don't, I do like the knife and the way it was presented; seems to be rugged enough for anything I would encounter. Have not bought it yet as I must collect my coinage to do so, but all hats off to Gerber and their Chinese counterparts for the improvement. Gerber, like all other enterprises, look at their bottom line and their profit margins.

  2. Do u suggest purchasing the Ultimate Pro knife for some occasional day hikes and camping..? its costing me around 120 USD. I also liked the Gerber Strongarm fine edge. which one would be better? The strongarm is costing me 90USD. There is no Gerber service center or whatsoever in India, anything happens to the knife, the edges roll over, tip breaks, I have to fix it myself. I know there are many better knifes, different steel, But they are not available here in India. So, please suggest one: Ultimate Pro or Gerber strongarm.

  3. Sledgehammers, huh? Look, any knife can be destroyed. You can buy a custom $300 knife in CPM3V and if you want to destroy it with hammers, you can.

  4. It's a strong design and a good knife. Like or hate Grylls the knife is a tank and a great all around blade.

  5. Looks to be a damn tough knife, only problem is the blade is UNDER 6 inches !!
    In my opinion, NO Bushcraft or Survival Knife should be under a 6 inch blade.