10 thoughts to G700 Tactical Flashlight On Ebay Lowest Price Buy Here At 3:43

  1. Nice review! Just a suggestion but I find it a lot easier to pull the ferro rod away from the striking blade. It produces more sparks and is less labor-intensive.

  2. Ok sticky tags W3-40 / 3 in 1 oil or really just about any oil well remove sticky tags always ?

  3. This man just made a Dakota firehole, lit the fire and then assassinated a tree with a shovel and a ferro rod.

  4. I wonder what’s the country of origin ? Ahh Taiwan at least, according to Amazon …

  5. Nice video. Some mods you might consider Bryan. I counter sunk another screw (same size) in the end of the handle. In case you lose one for what ever reason. Drilled a hole for a lanyard. Stripped the factory finish on wood and finished with many coats of linseed oil. Stripped the epoxy coat on the steel and replaced with a pantena finish. Cleaned up the sharpened edge and put a .005 radius on same edges. This to protect from chips and rolls on the edges. Thanks again. Peace from Texas

  6. The one i ordered looks so much smaller for some reason.. Not even 6" wide like 5 7/8 wide ..