9 thoughts to H1 Tactical Flashlight Holster Buy Today At Discount At 11:43

  1. nice one jim – nice simple test
    my fenix e05 is waterproof too, its great to have piece of mind that it will still work after the wet stuff gets introduced.

  2. Great little flashlight. I love flashlights but I'm worried about the pocket book if I decide to start improving or adding to my collection. I have to have a good pocket light at work just to see more clearly the equipment I run

  3. I used this video to help persuade myself to acquire one of these little lights! Thanks brother!

  4. I ended up buying the second version (v2). It only has one mode – 81 lumens. Love it.

    I bought two – one for myself and another for a friend. Love this – even though my Microstream (Streamlight) might be more handy with the pocket clip, but this one has a ton of power.

    I need to stop buying more flashlights. My wallet is getting more empty by the moment. 🙂

    If you can get your hands on a 5 Hour Energy Shot, the empty bottle makes a great little diffuser for the flashlight.