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  1. with stormtroopers the force most likely pushed the bolts away from the a team

  2. Stormtropper are Sturmtruppen
    They will win with their Maschinenpistole-18 for the Emperor

  3. The stormtrooper armor disperses energy due to its material but the effect can stun or knock out the user

    This is why ai rebel soldiers in og battlefront 2 are always shooting corpses after firefight

  4. Storm Troopers likely had reliance of an auto aim feature in their helmets. In a lot of cases seen in each franchise, many were shooting from waist level. Over reliant in this system likely caused more misses then kill shots based on training.

  5. but when ewoks hit stormtroopers with rocks they aren't dead they just got hurt and got tired maybe after 1 hour they'll be back but the ewoks ate the sotrmtroopers

  6. The rebels fricking pillage imperial and other bases,blow up millions worth of credits and the cherry on top,they’re seen as heroes.

  7. The Mandalorian went full fan parody/spoof with its stormtrooper scouts in the last episode of series 1. I get it, but its something that would be in space-balls or family guy, and not breaking the 4th wall in the show itself.