14 thoughts to H1 Tactical Flashlight Holster Where Can One Shop At 15:43

  1. PPS on the point of stab potential, uuummmm on something that doesn't feel shock or isn't affected by blood loss why do you want or even need to stab a zom…..

  2. if i had any subscribers to my channel i woudl show all my zombie apocolypse gear. oh ps NICE GEAR DUDE

  3. All this guy carries are weapons.You have to have weapons, but you cant survive without food medical aid or water……………….so..yeah..

  4. You may want to upgrade your flaslight………fenix, 4sevens, and Olight make outstanding lights that are way brighter smaller and cost about the same as that maglite

  5. "yup and uhh i have the laser on it."and uhh you might be able to see it" Me:"my eyes!!!!!"

  6. Dude this is not going to help at least get 4 more guns I would say a good rifle sorry for beaning mean.

  7. I say
    Pistol (lightweight ammo and higher cap)
    Shotgun (personal defense of humans and game getter)
    Brush thinner (wood worker and last ditch zombie slayer)

  8. Firstly thank you so much for this video i have personally found it so useful for my kit selection. i am surprised how relevant this is in 2020.

    You are a credit to humanity and a valued member of you tube and now also mu sub list. again thank you

    Yours Serenely