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  1. I have a smaller ammo can in excellent shape that I got for $5 and I store all of my bulk .22 inside of it. Whenever I buy a brick I just dump it inside and don't worry because of the rubber seal.

  2. Try flushing a cut on your own body with rubbing alcohol. I will be VERY surprised if you don't jump through the cieling, lol! If you're going to flush a wound or a laceration I'd use Hydrogen Peroxide. Now I know medical providors will give me grief becaue this "kills cells". I'd rather kill a few cells than to inflict further pain with alcohol. The peroxide also kills most bugs, but without the pain of alcohol, Yes, keep a few alcohol wipes, but peroxide for the deeper minor injuries.

  3. I use 99% alcohol on my cuts at work. And also use 93% as aftershave. Pain is temporary.