Holster For Police Force Tactical Flashlight How To Shop

hi it’s AlaskaGranny Coleman Micropacker LED Lantern
are you gathering things like lanterns flashlights for your emergency or bug out gear
well I have a Coleman Micropacker LED Mini Lantern
it is about 7 1/2 inches tall
it only weighs 6 ounces
even after it has 3 AA batteries installed
it is sturdy and lightweight
it has a flip up handle here so you can carry it or hang it somewhere
it also has a nice feature that it has a slide on the back
that makes it go from an all around lantern to a one way light
so if you want to find your way in the woods at night
you can use it with the slide up so it won’t reflect in your eyes
and you can see where you are going
it has a little switch here you push to pull the light guard back down
it has a switch on the front that you turn it on and the Coleman Micropacker mini lantern is very bright
it keeps light for 92 hours with 3 AA batteries
which is very substantial for a little lantern like this
you can see how bright it is and how that changes it when you use the light guard
just by using the part on the back
when you want to change the batteries
there is a little door on the bottom
push the button and flip it out
then it has the gizmo that holds the 3 AA batteries
so it has a notch here and a notch here
to help you understand which way the batteries are inserted
which way the batteries go in
it is easy to bring along extra AA batteries
if you need more than 92 hours of light
so I like the Coleman Micropacker Mini LED lantern
it works well when I go camping or hunting
I also like it for emergency needs.
they are only about 15 dollars each and you can
get several of them to put in every body’s bug out bag
put them in your car power outage kit around the house
there are lots of ways to use this Coleman Micropacker Lantern
you will be ready for emergencies or just for an enjoyable evening camping hunting backpacking fishing
hikes in the moonlight
look for the Coleman Battery Lantern the Coleman Micropacker LED Mini Lantern
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Holster For Police Force Tactical Flashlight How To Shop

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  1. I bought 3 of these. They work very well. I have never tried them outside though. I bought them for the power outages we have down here in Florida. Hurricanes will knock out the power, but apparently so will a rain squall…or a hot summer night…go figure. The batteries last a very long time in these and they put out a good light. I have a 6 year old son who is frightened of the dark, he has his own lantern , and he will leave it on continuously till power is restored. They are much safer than candles! Best regards, MiF

  2. Thank you for doing this video. I was given one of these by my employer. There were no instructions and I couldn't figure out how the slide worked. (Turns out it was stuck). I am old school and prefer written instructions with clear English. Sadly lacking these days. As such, videos like yours are invaluable! Thank you very much.