12 thoughts to Led Tactical Flashlight Ebay Lowest Price Buy Here At 22:39

  1. Kool stuff ! I actually just bought the lighter holder. Its a little bigger than I thought but still a good size for my keyring. And its heavy duty, the lighter isn't gonna fall out.

  2. on your travel stash you could put waterproof matches in the tube for one idea

  3. My local tractor supply company store has the flashlight, wrench, and screwdriver in a combo pack for $7

  4. Hey Ben! I'm sure you're familiar with them but have you tried lighterbro lighter cases? Imo they are the best. Awesome review as usual bud! Check them out!

  5. Awesome vid and very nice products, I’m really digging the stash and the screwdriver! As for the lighter clip, I would go with the Lighter Bro. I keep my Bic mini Lighter Bro on me at all times and I don’t even smoke lol, I love it!