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  1. I worked with Dave Canterbury's lead instructor on how to operate the SlingBow as research for some film work I have coming up. He placed the tip of the arrow on the toe of his boot for loading. The paracord popped right in to the nock. Then you could start the tension for the draw as you raised for the aim. It's good to go to the source sometimes!

  2. What a strange video. Very serious and competitive tone for something like a slingshot. I'm not dissing the slingshot, but the production was a bit grand. I used a slingshot as a kid, and still do today, and one of the great benefits of the slingshots over other forms of projectile weapons is it's simplicity and easy availability of ammunition. I've never shot an arrow from a slingshot (slingbow), but it seems to slightly contradict the benefits of the slingshot. If you are going to fling arrows, you might as well use an actual bow. They are designed to fling arrows at significant distance and speed. The size and weight of the slingshot makes it ideal for shooting steel BBs, pebbles, marbles etc. And using a good quality slingshot with good ammo and technique, people have harvested rabbits, squirrels, birds, ducks, geese, and more.

  3. Now that I have finally seen these ball bearing sling shots in action? I am not sure David killed Goliath with a sling shot. I think it was a miracle from God.

    You can get a youth compound bows that has this 20-30 pounds of pull. Why screw around with this nonsense if small size is what you want is a small bow. A small child’s bow is comparable to what the Shoshone-Utes killed my 3rd great grandfather with in Utah.