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  1. most combat happens within 300 yards
    i think sombody who was logical about this would want ether an SKS, or an ak-47. along with a ruger 10/22 for small game

  2. I think being prepared for the off chance the shit hits the fan is good, but the thing is, idiots who do shit like this wouldn't last a second even with a rifle. Having something to protect yourself with is important, but only a part of what survival is.

    I blame fictional games/shows/etc. showing the heroes mowing down zombies without end (Nothing against it, I love that stuff, it's just unrealistic). Too many think survival is merely kill or be killed, there is much more to it then that.

  3. Have any of you preppers ever been in a firefight? Or served in the army? Do any of you know how to conduct a firefight? Y'all are dumb af

  4. I for one really object to the "Impeach Donald Trump" adverts running on jewtube and this post. If the ads ran before the post I would not read the posts… no airtime for idiots! Grow up and get a life, sore losers…