5 thoughts to Survival Flashlight How To Buy At 23:48

  1. Everyone who enjoyed this video should check out BosnianBill's YouTube channel. Best lock picking videos on YT. Thanks to JJ for introducing the subject to a bunch of new people! Maybe someday we will see quality locks available in big box stores! 😉

  2. Just like fiddling with clockwork. Now I need a good pick set, maybe from Massdrop since I don't get Amazon coverage.

    Thanks, JJ!

  3. Lock picks should be illegal in any state. Why do you need them other than for burglary? Oh for that once in a lifetime….10 lifetimes chance that you'll be locked up with your picks in your pockets? LOL No honest person needs to pick another persons lock in reality. Just a good way to get your hands smashed upon the owner finding you picking his/her lock.

  4. I started making mine . I first tried making them out of hack saw blades .But they broke to often . Then after searching around I found a cheap alternative that is stronger . The coiled up drain snake I got mine at ACE for under 8 dollars . And after that I just use an angle grinder . I wish I had a bench grinder and a work bench . But I stay in an apartment and it sucks .There are a pack of e books and even one or two videos one video of which is on making picks . The other books and video is on picking .One can download them on the site kickasstorrents .