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Hey everybody this is JJ and right now I just
have a real quick Urban Survival Tip For you.
This is just kind of designed to address if
someone is going to try to break into your
You guys have all probably seen my video on
my Home Defense Bag, which I have just hanging
right over here. But then a couple of the
other things that I do to help me be able
to address a home invasion, specifically at
night is that I keep some of my EDC items
right here next to my bedside.
And one of these things is my keys and on
my keys I have the emergency panic button
for my vehicle. I have another one here to
my truck that is an old and broken one and
I don’t have it on a keychain but I leave
it here and that enables me to set off the
horn on the vehicle if someone was trying
to break in.
What that can do is if you hear somebody walking
around outside or you see someone maybe some
kids causing trouble outside or something
like that or you hear them knocking on the
door trying to break in, you can go ahead
and pop that horn off and that will hopefully
scare them away basically. Or at least let
them know somebody is here. Someone is home
maybe we should go ahead and move to a different
place or something like that.
Just something to think about, having that
ability to make a bunch of noise and racket
outside, that is going to scare those guys
off, so they are going to take off running.
And not continue bugging you.
Now if you have an alarm on your home or something
along those lines then you can obviously use
that alarm, but this is just a quick easy
and expedient way to help deal with that threat.
I also have my phone here of course, I have
my EDC knife. This is a new EDC knife and
you guys will see a video coming out on it
here pretty soon. Kind of a review and testing
video. This is the Cold Steel American Lawman.
Very Cool Knife. So Look forward to that.
And then I also keep a flashlight right here.
This is just my little everyday carry flashlight,
I love it. It is the Fenix E11. And then I
also keep a pen and paper. And that is just
to be able to write down a vehicle description
or something along those lines you know. You
look out your window and you see something
you can just jot it down.
And then this is, you will see a review on
this pretty soon too, this is a new EDC pen
that has replaced my fisher space pen. I really
like that pen. This is a Schrade Survival
Pen. So you have your Pen on here, but the
other part that is pretty cool, it doesn’t
have any thing to do with this video but it
also has a ferro rod in there. I thought that
was pretty cool. I will do a more in depth
review on this as well.
Anyway guys just a real fast tip, an Urban
Survival Tip, on how to leave your EDC items
next to your bedside and that can help you
to react to a situation like a home invasion
situation or something like that if that was
to ever occur.
Anyway guys I appreciate you watching as always
I definitely appreciate the Thumbs Up and
I Appreciate when you share with your friends
on Facebook, Twitter and google plus and don’t
forget to live the 6Ps. Proper Prior Preparation
Prevents Poor Performance. Stay Safe Guys.

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Survival Flashlight Kit How Can I Shop

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  1. Yeah that pen would really come in handy in case of home invasion you could either set them on fire or build a fire and brew up some tea. Who pays attention to the parking lot birds anymore?
    Better off with a couple blasts out of the window from a 12 ga. Now THAT gets your attention

  2. Was not impressed until i saw the Armed Citizens United thing at the end. (That's what made me thumbs up;)

    When are organizations like that and the NRA going to start going to bat for law abiding citizens and start suing these states, counties and municipalities for their Rights-strangling gun "laws"??? The United States Constitution expressly forbids infringements on out Second Amendment Rights. Yet so many areas limit (a.k.a. infringe upon) them.

    Sorry for the soapbox demagoguery. /:

  3. mexiturd gangs use kids…10 or o so in…usually suv loads of kids to ransacked cars…some are look outs…thr young ones…..they all have communications and signals as to jump.back in and.escspe if seen or cops around. thr monitor cops too some start a fight someplace and then thst when these guys get to work stealing ect.

  4. Great video…but, why have a safe next to you without explaining why….??? I wonder which is best, a safe that has 'digital…keypad access' or one that is manual with a spinner dial setup…??? My concern is, how long will a 'digital' setup last if the battery goes dead? Comments, suggests more than welcome!!! Again, thanks for the video!

  5. I have an alarm by my bad, too. 1911, 45ACP, Crimson Trace laser grip. 200 grain hollow points. About 150 decibels. MUCH louder than my truck's horn.