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  1. It's worth also mentioning that there's an additional AA battery pack is also available, 12v car charger and battery eliminator. After a buying a spare battery (or why not radio as they're so cheap, then you got a backup for that, also) I think the AA battery pack is also a very worthwhile purchase for just a few quid (sorry bucks). So if you lose mains power unexpectedly and cannot charge them, there's always AA batteries anywhere and everywhere to get you out of that sticky situation. A good practical review. Many thanks.

  2. after watching I picked one up, along with the Nagoya 771 antenna, and I will be ordering a larger battery shortly.

    I'm not ham licensed yet, so I've merely been using it to listen with the scan feature. I programmed it with the keypad with no problem.

    as for the ham license test, is it over the computer? how long does it take to study for it? I have minimal radio knowledge.