Survival Flashlight Where Can One Purchase

well I’m gonna do a quick review of a
thrunite flashlight that was sent to me
I did not pay for it I’m gonna be honest
it was sent to me to review and I’ve had
it about two weeks now and this is the
flashlight the TN 12 IDI and CW I think
that stands for clear white so here’s
what it comes with I’m doing a really
nice heavy duty box that won’t get
crushed in or out because it comes from
China it comes with a replacement rubber
end cap and a replacement o-ring comes
with a really nice case for it you can
hook it on this way or it’s got a belt
loop and it comes with a lanyard because
we all know how Mandal you look with a
little lanyard around your wrist
attached to a to a little flashlight
it’s just so cute but here’s the
flashlight and I’ve had it two weeks I
am very impressed with the brightness
I’m really impressed with quality it’s
really well made and I’m gonna take this
let me think of somewhere dark okay
inside my lawnmower shop it’s dark right
now but uh oh it also comes with this
belt clip or pocket clip in there you
don’t have to put it on I have it on and
the nice thing about this is it also
uses two of those cr123 batteries or one
of the cut one of the cold 8 18 185 60
years crap I’ve got a load of them hold
on let me see here the number on them
18 650 this is what it takes it does not
come with a battery charger so if you
buy these you got to buy the battery in
the charger which is not a big deal I
mean if you’re into these flashlights I
have a bunch of the flashlights that
take them and they’re all very
impressively bright so let me take you
up the shop and show you how bright this
is be right back okay darkness boom
through night
it has different modes
that’s called I think it’s called
Firefly or Pico it is actually that’s
not a bad for the the dimmest setting
and on that setting this you know I
forget the hours that this battery is
supposed to last that’s the brightest
setting there for a little bitty
flashlight that is very impressive
already I can’t think of anything else
to say about it when you turn this light
on here so I can give you another shot
of the light very well made and you know
how it pains me to say anything about
Chinese products you know I’ve got
nothing against Chinese people Chinese
people want the same things we all want
good life a home a car the means are
taking care of their families and you
know we’ve lost a lot of jobs a lot of
jobs to China but can you blame the
Chinese people for wanting what we want
you certainly cannot I blame our
politicians for making the climate here
in America so unfriendly to business
anyway damn good flashlight that’s all I
got to say about that thanks for
you’re funny girl
yeah I hope that breaks it pretty soon
if you’re funny you’re funny buddy get
it up tired here to squeak why won’t it
why won’t it break yeah you got that
down pat

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Survival Flashlight Where Can One Purchase

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  1. Love the light! Laughing myself silly just watched this and the squeakie toy woke up my little dog.

  2. You can honestly say you did not "buy" another flashlight…lol I have to do a video of my modified (3 D cell) Mag light. I will also hve to get the LED conversion kit for it and do a comparison.

  3. I like Thrunite flashlights, and prefer the 18650 lithium batteries. You can bust open a laptop battery, and there are 18650's in there. Buy the Thrunite charger. Quality. I don't mind a Chinese company if it is marketing its own products (not stealing someone else's).

  4. I'd like to compare that light with the one I told you about on my friends pistol if he will let me borrow it. 😉
    My new dog loves a squeaker toy too; maybe I'll bring them to you!

  5. I'm going to get one of those for my dog and leave for 3 weeks and watch how mad my wife will get

  6. when our dog gets a toy with a squeaker in it the first thing he does is rip it open and pull the squeaker out and then they magically disappear.

  7. Hi, I believe the "CW" abbreviation stands for "Cool White", which is about 3500 degrees Kelvin (white with a little yellow). Incandescent lights in the house are about 2400K, and Daylight White Fluorescents are 5000K. BTW, you actually can buy 4' LED tubes to replace those fluorescents and wire them without a ballast. That's right, called Bi-Pass or DirectWire, but you need to get BiPass bulbs that says to remove the ballast.

    I started redoing my whole place and airplane hangar, and I am using 4000K bulb color, because that's what BMW uses for their headlights and I figured they spent a lot just to know exactly what to use. Also bought a few Edison base with 2700K to try different areas where we are using 60w incandescents. Well as I can tell, they will pay for themselves in less than a year in reduced electrical cost.

  8. Just like kid toys the loudest most obnoxious once will never break LOL She loves that toy

  9. I like my little Thrunite A1 V2 flashlight But the tailswitch design is Crap I have had it apart a dozen times this winter to either clean it or tighten it because it comes loose inside….. the piece tightens to the left …but when you screw it on after changing the battery it turns it to the right and loosens it then the light flickers If I locktite it I would never get it apart again and it could lose it's connection ..Sorry for the Rant but it may help others with this problem

  10. I agree with you on China but what really gets my goat is the theft of US intellectual property by China. But I always have to stop and ask myself is…As goofy as our country and leaders have become, Why is China so interested in what we are making. Are we still competing with other countries as far as developing new ideas and products? If China still continues to steal our ideas, we must be doing pretty good then, right?

  11. Maybe you could do a video on your stock piles. Might be useful for others, you are in a place that is very different and has different needs in an emergency.