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Prepping on the cheap emergency supplies prepping budget stockpile prepper survival tips Is Your Brain Prepped for Survival cheap outdoor gear review
hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you looking at
ways to build up your prepping supplies
on the cheap bug out bag mistakes well here is a tip of
some of the techniques that I’ve been
using lately
to make sure that I have the emergency
supplies that I need how to get emergency supplies cheap for your survival needs I figure I have a
lot of food and water and it’s a great
time to make sure that I have the
supplies that belong in everyone’s bug
out bag get home bag and emergency kit
so that we have the extra supplies we
need should an emergency come our way
one of the things I bought were multi
packs of glow sticks make sure you get
quality glow sticks for an emergency kit
good quality glow sticks will last up to 12
hours you don’t want to be caught off
guard with one that operates like a toy
in an emergency situation glow sticks
are great to have in everyone’s pack in
an emergency you snap it and shake it
there are two ingredients inside it
mixes together and will glow glow sticks
are great for every emergency kit top ways to use glow sticks they
provide a lot of light in a power outage
and if you’re out camping you can hang
them up in your tent so you have a
little nightlight you can hang them out
on your tent stake you can find your
tent in the dark you can hook them to
people’s backpacks so you can find your
way together in the dark there’s a lot
of uses for a glow stick so look for
bundles of them on the cheap another
prep I bought by the bundle we’re little
flashlights these are terrific they have
a USB charger flashlight on the end you can
recharge them just about anywhere you
can recharge your computers smartphones
tablets there are many places you will
be able to recharge a USB flashlight and
then you have the bright light half
bright light flashing light and even a zoom feature light look for
a little USB rechargeable flashlight I
think it’s the go to must-have
flashlight for everyone’s emergency supplies bags
everyone needs gloves look for a pair of
sturdy gloves that are coated I found
these on eBay and I was able to get a
whole bundle of sturdy work gloves
they’re extra sturdy and nice they’re
large enough to fit bigger hands I have
small hands but they’re still flexible
enough that anybody could use these you
can see they’re double coated with a
rubberized plastic on the palm and the backside
is a heavy cotton fabric I’ve looked at
cheap gloves at places like the Dollar Tree
dollar store and they were just terrible quality gloves they
didn’t hold up these gloves I paid a few
dollars each hardly any more than a
dollar tree glove they’re heavy-duty and
they’re going to last and I can get a
whole bundle of gloves so everyone can have them in
their gear emergency blankets are
another good prep to buy in bundles
everybody needs at least one if you give
everybody two they can put them together
with a little duct tape and make a bivy
bag emergency sleeping bag or a tube tent emergency shelter it’s extremely
important that you stay warm dry and
protected in all kinds of outdoor
environments so make sure everybody has
at least one emergency blanket
I bought a bundle of carabiner knives
these are great they have a sturdy lock
carabiner clasp you can hook the carabiner knife right on
the outside of your backpack there are
two screwdrivers there’s a four-inch knife
blade it has a serrated and a straight
edge you can saw or cut sturdy and it’ll
hold up for most simple emergency needs
credit card knives are another simple
tool that are inexpensive to have in
everyone’s bug-out bag they fold up flat
and safe they’re easy to open and close
lightweight and you have an extra knife
in an emergency situation
I also found a bundle of heavy duty
credit cards tools it comes with a
little case and it has an instruction
sheet that shows you ten different
functions on this heavy duty metal sturdy
multi tool for emergencies it’s easy to include this 10 function multitool in your
emergency bug out bag it doesn’t take up much room and you
have the versatility of ten extra little
tools each of these items is a great
addition to your bug out bag get home
bag emergency kit and your survival gear
Prepping can be accomplished on the cheap
just look at the variety of items I bought for my emergency supplies think
creatively and stock up a little at a
time until everyone in your family and
each of your survival emergency bags has everything you
need to make sure you’ll be okay no
matter what comes your way
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Survival Flashlights And Lanterns Best Price To Buy Online

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  1. nice video its great to have gear but you can't eat your gear there's really 4 things you need a gun shitloads of ammo food water and a safe shelter from weather and intruders

  2. New Sub here! I like your ideas and you pick some really nice items there! I really like the carabiner knives and the glow sticks, i'm going to order those! Thank You!

  3. great video … I generally prefer garbage bags over emergency mylar blankets/tents. The USB lights are cool especially paired with something off grid like solar, water/wind or hand crank(usb out) to give one even juice would help.
    TFS C.R.