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Light is a transformative tool that unites us
in our search for utility, discovery, and comfort.
We founded LuminAID in response to this
basic human need.
It started as a search to bring safe light
to places that need it most
and has expanded into a mission
to unlock the potential of places
where traditional energy sources may not be an option.
We also quickly saw that in addition to lighting there is an undeniable need for off-grid power.
With over 8 billion mobile phones in the world — which is more than the number of people —
we wanted to develop a high-performing
lantern and phone charger that could help
people connect, communicate, and have access
to light when there’s no other option.
This is why we’re so excited to announce
our new innovation.
The LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger is
a powerful, ultra-bright lantern and
phone charger that packs down to less than 1 inch
thick, making it easy to hook to your backpack
or store in your go-bag in case of an emergency.
And at just 8 and a half ounces, it’s lighter
than a paperback book and about the same size.
It inflates into a full-size lantern that
has five brightness settings
and outputs over 150 lumens of bright LED light.
With the built-in high efficiency solar panel,
you can recharge it in 12 to 14 hours,
or if you’re in a rush the micro-USB input port
allows for quick charging in just 1 to 2 hours.
The lantern doubles as a phone charger and
back-up battery source.
It has a 5 volt, 2.4 amp USB output port that
recharges your phone, or portable
device at the same speed as a wall outlet.
Designed for high durability and post-disaster
situations and outdoor adventures, the PackLite
Max Phone Charger stands up to the test wherever
innovative energy is needed.
And it’s completely waterproof and floats.
Whether it’s on the trail, in remote destinations,
or even your own backyard this product is
designed to be your go-to light source.
Back in 2010, shortly following the aftermath
of the Haiti earthquake, Andrea and I set to work
to develop a smart and simple lighting solution.
We invented solar inflatable lanterns that
are waterproof, rechargeable, and pack flat
to meet the distribution needs of an emergency.
With the support of the crowd-funding community
5 years ago we launched LuminAID.
We quickly discovered that the need for our
lighting technology goes beyond disasters.
Backpackers, campers, and adventurers were
looking for a versatile, lightweight
solar lantern that wouldn’t weigh down their packs.
Over the years, we’ve worked closely with
both our charitable partners and our outdoor
adventure customers to develop our technology
so that the products we create are useful,
durable and versatile for both humanitarian
aid and off-grid adventuring.
LuminAID started with a crowdfunding campaign,
and your support has made all the difference.
Through our Give Light Get Light campaign,
together with our customers, we’ve brightened
the lives of families after the Nepal earthquakes,
we’ve aided Syrian refugees in crisis,
and we’ve distributed our lights to projects in
more than 60 countries where people in communities
lack stable and dependable access to electricity.
The ability to connect and communicate is
a growing need in our world,
and portable power can help satisfy this need.
Your support is about our shared mission to
create safe and responsible tools for a better world.
Our collaboration with our supporters has
literally helped us light up the lives of
thousands of people worldwide.
Thank you!

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Survival Flashlights And Lanterns Buy Cheap Price Online

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  1. Well done all! I supported through the Kickstarter for this product but have been a supporter of your program for impoverished parts of the world.