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Hey guys, today we’re putting together a
72-hour emergency hurricane kit. We’re
gonna talk about the essential items
you’re gonna need in the event of a
hurricane. One of the most important
things you’re gonna need is a device to
store your drinking water. I prefer a
vacuum insulated bottle, keeps water cold
and hot for hours. This one in particular
is just under two liters, it is what you’re
going to need a day to drink. Next item I
have is our Emergency Food Bars. These
are great, there’s nine servings in here.
It’s loaded with vitamins, no prep needed
open tear and eat. The next item you’re
gonna need is the Sun Kettle.This is
great for replenishing your drinking
water. You fill the canister up with
water, screw it back in, open it up and
let the Sun do its job. It heats up and
boils the water, enough to replenish your
your two-liter there. Our next item is
our 72-Hour Kit. 16 servings, everything
you’re going to need for the next three
days. Our next awesome device is the HaloXT. This is a wonderful multi-functional
tool: it has a seat cutter, glass
breaker… it’s charged via solar, as well
as Micro-USB. It also has a USB out-port
to charge your other devices such as
your phone or iPad. It also acts as a
floodlight. It has flash for emergency in
the event that you need to be noticed in
the dark, as well as a flashlight. The
next thing we’re going to need is petty
cash. You can imagine that systems are
going to be down, people are probably not
going to be taking credit cards. This is
essential and oftentimes overlooked. The
next thing I recommend is putting
together a three day supply of
medications that you’re going to need in
the event of emergency.
Always check expirations, have them
prepared ready to store and placed
inside your kit. The next item is the
Patriot Power Cell. It’s solar charged, it
holds 8,000 milliamps of power.
This bad boy will charge your phone,
iPads, Garmin’s…any other smaller devices
you’re going to need in the event of
emergency. And it holds up to six hours
of charge. It also has two LED
flashlights on the other side, so you can
navigate your way around in the dark. Another item
you’re going to need is your phone
charger, with your Patriot Power Cell.
Another device I highly recommend is the
Patriot Power Generator. This 1800 watt
power battery can power your larger
devices outside of your phone and iPad…
such as your CPAP, refrigerators, TVs,
monitors, other items that require a
larger draw. The next item is the SOS kit, this is a fun multi-tool kit. It comes
with your flint and steel for starting a
fire. It has your multi-tool, it has
your screwdrivers, your pliers, your
flashlight, your knives… everything you’re
going to need in the event of emergency.
These are very handy. Comes with your saw
for chopping up small wood. It has your
whistle to be heard loud and clear. As
well as wallet size multi-tool, these are
great to keep with on your person at all
times. And a compass, navigating your way around. You’re going to need a first aid
kit. When reviewing the first aid kit,
it’s important to make sure it’s just
not all band-aids. To make sure there’s
antibiotic ointment, that there’s alcohol
wipes, scissors, gauze. And our last item
is our Liberty Band Radio, hand-cranked
so you’re not depending on power. Also
charges via solar. Has a flashlight. This
has a real time clock. I also connect
with NOAA Weather Channel, so you’re
always in tune with what’s going on.
I like to pack everything in this weather
resistant tote. These are great for
storing under your bed, they’re stackable.
Thanks for watching, hopefully you found
this video useful. If you’d like to see
more videos you can check out our 4Patriots YouTube Channel.

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Survival Flashlights And Lanterns Buy Near Me

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