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  1. i've EDC'd that Blur untill i lost it on deployment, It was the greatest EDC knife i ever had. I still EDC a kershaw but a lot cheaper its an OD. Fully agree with the mindset in general. My BOB is an alice pack because I can fit my small families things all in that bag. great job on the review sooner or later i'll post a responce vid if you don't mind? Aloha no

  2. @ZombieTactics nothing like a gun pointing to get your point across, I like the subtlety…great vids by the way, you have one of the best channels on YouTube

  3. @00142xasbadassas007 i concur, but i like how he keeps his finger out of the trigger guard even more

  4. @jakefl14 I treat my guns like tools, not toys. They are all well-maintained and function flawlessly. If you have other concerns, you are welcome to treat your property as you see fit.

  5. @jakefl14
    There are ways to express opinions so that they don't come off so outrageously rude…

  6. Enjoyed both of these videos. I carry my Delica and Mini Grip with me every day, as well as a SAK (don't forget about those) of some sort (I like sharp things). Carry a .380 with me every day–"but it doesn't have the stopping power of a 9mm or a .45"–no, but I can carry it comfortably IWB. Strangely, if a disaster strikes suddenly, I'll already have some form of everything you discussed in these videos with me no matter where I happen to be.

  7. rather than the Bersa 380, you can get a CZ 82 in 9×18 makarov for around $200 with 2 mags and a holster, Cheaper, higher capacity (12 rounds) and a more powerful cartridge while saving money.

  8. i have a question, or more. whats the 2nd best from the main handgun u use? the 1 u showed. looked like it would fallpart on u in a week…

    im more the type to try to get something better then the cheaper since u might get a longer life out of it and a larger clip…

    knife wise i most likly get a 20 or 30 buck knife on sell (same risen)

    a multi tool i like the leatherman better..

    bareclaw is there any difference?

    also whats the sites u go to if u get them online?…

    or kits to make a gun?

  9. Such Solid Gold! My buddies buy into "i must have the best" and they have nothing. Good good.

  10. This the first of your videos I have seen. Your point is well made, but I must say that buying cheaper products isn't always settling for less. No matter how good a product/brand might be, marketing hype will raise both the price and the demand. I am glad you're not another guy promoting the obvious, popular, "must have" guns and gear. Maybe I am mistaken, but the "bear claw" knife, otherwise known as a karambit has the MTech stamp and not CRKT. Nicely down video, and so needed.

  11. Really want that bersa, I have high quality handguns but I still want it, just see,s like it would make a great backpack gun