10 thoughts to Survival Flashlights Without Batteries How Can I Purchase At 17:50

  1. I would clip my carabiner through the middle of my role of duct tape so i always had it on the kit but not in side but thats just how i do it that might not work for otheres .. 🙂

  2. i like the idea of having a full roll of duct tape, but i thing you should always have backup duct tape around a credit card in your kit just in case.

  3. Hello mate, This video is awesome.

    May I say, thank you very much for sharing. I am in the process of putting together a very high quality but small (no bigger than yours) Field tool kit. Your video helped a lot! The J-B Weld tip was awesome.

    What do you think about Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix (14ml tube)?

    I shall be using non-magnetic & VDE insulated tools for mine; for maximum usability in any theatre. (Quality tools to take care of dedicated fixing tasks). I am not a professional, probably lower then laymen, but trying to be self-sufficient,


  4. So I have watched what seems to be 100's of "urban tool bags" and haven't seen anything worth putting together. Why hasn't anyone done a city/urban kit. what I think I am missing is the stuff you would use to turn on water when the handle is missing or security bits so you can open the covers that don't use common screw driver. mini metal saw. lock picks. yes some of these items are hard to get or take a permit. but as for me I don't see any kits that would get me out of a pinch in a city town setting.

  5. Hi. Great video. Can you make a video on how to use that carabiner as a pulley system please. Thanks.

  6. a couple of items mights help, a 4oz ball peen hammer, a prybar of some sort, mechanics wire and a travel size pack of baby wipes. the baby wipes will work better than the bandana for keeping wounds clean, but more often, cleaning your hands after you finish. also, maybe a mechanics tool bag and a tool roll for organization, jmho