6 thoughts to Survival Flashlights Without Batteries How Do I Buy At 1:46

  1. I think instead of the Refun we can imagine mos of the random chineese flashlights on Ebay. They are claimed to emit 3-4000 Lumens, yet on the video we can see it's 2-300 at max.
    Yeah, Thrunite is chineese too, but they are whole different category, all their flashlights blow away the random Ebay ones.
    Btw if you want similar performance than the Refun, just buy a Mini Cree Q5 for 4$ dollars, that 30$ is brutal overprice… Not to mention the pre-historic blue-tinted LEDS which they use.
    Cool review, and it greatly shows people what the professional companies (Thrunite, Nitecore, Olight) can produce.

  2. I have used Fulton, Surefire, Petzl, Streamlight, Nebo, and techlite flashlights in the field to name a few. I do not recommend Nebo Flashlights in the field. They burn out. I rather use a Fulton issued light than a Nebo anyday. lol.