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survival gear mistakes must have bug out bag gear emergency survival tips tricks
hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper there are some
survival gear mistakes that I wanted to
go over with you to make sure that
you’re prepared for any kind of a
survival bug-out situation and that
you’ve thought about the common mistakes
and then you’ve taken the steps you need
to to have the things that you need for emergency survival bug out shtf
available to you the number one mistake
that people make with their survival
gear is choosing the backpack like this one from Go Time Gear they
choose something that’s too big they
load it up too heavy and then it’s not
manageable backpack of survival gear equipment you want to choose a backpack
that fits the gear that you need with
the least amount of space the bigger the
suitcase the more we pack it’s just the
nature of human beings the more space we
have the more we think we need to fill
it up choose a backpack that’s
manageable that holds the most important survival bug out
items in the smallest amount of space so
that it doesn’t become so cumbersome
that you can’t do the survival things you need
bring the emergency survival gear you need and be able to
take care of yourself then you need to
make sure that you choose a backpack
color Go Time Gear that
is a stealth design something natural
that fits in camo dark black grey green
you don’t want something that’s a bright
color if you really are in a situation
that you need to be out of sight you
don’t want your backpack giving you away
next people remember to include water in the survival gear the mistake
but you need a way to filter and purify
water make sure along with your water
bottles that you have stored a water filter
that’s easy to manage you know how to
use it and some water purification
tablets I have a water filter from
survival filter you can drink right out
of a stream any kind of wild water you
can screw the water filter on to a regular size water
or soda bottle fill it up and drink it
through there that’s also a great way to filter and
be able to pour the water into another
container survival filter
if you needed to to gather and purify
water at the same time a water
purification system that I choose is the
Aquatabs drop them in and shake them
around to dissolve let the water sit and
then the water can be purified for you
with just a little Aquatabs water purification tablet the next survival gear
mistake that people make is either they
use cheap cordage or they don’t have any
cordage you need to make sure that you
get some paracord 550 paracord it’s the
strongest cordage you can get and it’s
the most versatile cord for survival purposes because you can
unravel paracord it has many strands in
between so that the strength is there
and the size is there make a shelter use
it for fishing line hang food in the
trees away from wild animals use it as a
clothesline to hang up your clothes to
dry if you’ve been in a winter storm or
fallen into the water make sure that you
include some heavy-duty paracord the
next mistake that people make is getting
a cheap first aid kit if you’re really
in a survival situation first aid and
staying healthy can be the most
important thing if you look at some of
the common accidents the trauma is what
does people in you need to make sure
that you have basic supplies yes for
things like splinters and cuts you want
to go beyond the basics with things like
gauze bandages tweezers something like
quick clot to stop bleeding something
for a splint gloves and a survival
blanket should be part of your first aid survival gear
the next mistake that people make and do no
matter what kind of knife you have from
the tiniest to the most robust survival
knife that’s possible is if your knife
gets dull it’s not going to be very
useful you need some kind of a whetstone
to help you keep your blades sharp keep
them sharp when you put them into your
bag and then look for some kind of a
whetstone that you can bring with your survival bug out
gear so you can keep your knives sharp
to be the tool that
you need in any kind of a survival bug out situation the
next mistake people make with their
survival gear is bringing dehydrated
meals dehydrated meals mean in a
survival situation you have to stop
build a fire gather water find a way to
heat the water pour it into your
dehydrated food wait for the water to
make your food ready to eat before you
can have it that takes a lot of time
energy that you may not have in a
survival situation what you need to do
is have food that is shelf stable open
and eat grab and go tear it open and get
the protein the carbs that you need to
fill you up and give you the energy to
keep going you may not have time to stop
and prepare a dehydrated meal so make
sure you’re getting things like energy
bars foods things that are reasonably
lightweight but you can eat with little
effort and keep going the next mistake
that people forget is not having a way
to repair your survival gear if your
clothing or your backpack gets a tear or
a rip in it you need to be able to
repair it you need things like duct tape
zip ties a small sewing kit once again
you need to think about being stealth
what kind of duct tape is going to be
the best for your survival bug out bag pack the bright colors
are pretty and we want to buy them but
that isn’t what we need for a survival
situation that would be something for a
crafting situation make sure you have a
stash of cash you may not find yourself
100 miles into the Alaskan bush in the
middle of winter you may find yourself
in a city or an urban situation with
cash you could pay for a hotel room you
could get a taxi cab you could buy some
food or water you could find the things
that you need and be able to pay for
them but you can’t if you don’t have any
cash make sure that you have several
hundred dollars worth in small bills
nobody’s going to be able to break a
hundred dollar bill and you
want to pay a $20 bill to get a bottle
of water for example and no one will
give you back your change you want to be
able to provide the things you need in
the amounts that are reasonable
something is stuck in my mind since the
9/11 tragedies were the photographs of
that people put up please help me find
my lost loved one make sure that you
include a current picture of everyone in
your family so that in a real emergency
you can show the picture and say have
you seen this person it’s going to be a
lot more helpful than for you to say I’m
looking for a man a woman or a child if
you can show a picture I’m looking for
this man this woman this child you’re
far more likely to be able to get back
together with the ones that you love the
most I can’t think of anything worse
than being the one that survives and not
being able to reconnect with your family
so make sure that you carry the things
with you that are most important to you
check out your survival gear bug out bag take note
of these survival gear mistakes and make
sure that you’re not making any of those
if you have any other tips of what we
need in our survival gear put them in
the comments below
help educate us so we can all have the
best possible outcome in any kind of a
learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny

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Survival Flashlights Without Batteries How To Purchase

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  1. Add to first aid kit: Eye wash and dental repair kit with orajel or some other tooth pain product. Eyes and teeth both can give severe debilitating pain.

  2. I have an spare cell one and power charger Incase plus a paper road map & corpus paper and pencil

  3. I also carry a black Perminent marker as well as liquid bandage and have told my grandkids to write their names and parents on their arms and cover with the liquid bandaids or clear glue

  4. Also keep a list of medication in your purse or wallet or pack and a list of things you could be allergic to in case somebody finds you unconscious. Keep a small container of hand sanitizer for cleaning or fire starting. Or keep a Coleman camp 50 sheets soap for on the go washing my hand. Also have super glue for repairs and cuts.. I use 550 corsage for my shoe strings but also keep extra in my pack. Keep a bottle of bug spray for mosquitoes and other insects. I keep gum to help reduce my stress levels. Glow sticks in case you want to save my battery on your light source or want to be stealth. Also keep smaller glow sticks in your pocket. You can use the glow sticks to find your way out or back to where you started by cutting it open and putting drops along the floor when the lights are out in a building. I have a small piece of leather with compound on it for stropping my knife in my wallet. You might also want to think of keeping other things in your pack for trading instead of using your money, like the little packages of coffee, tea or a couple small bottles of liquor just an FYI. I keep two small LED lights on my keychain one for my night vision and a regular light. I know you can't carry everything in your pack so this is just all info for your knowledge. So choose wisely and Be Aware Be Prepared!

  5. Great video I didn't think about some of the stuff you mentioned in your video. Thank you for you info.

  6. I think that most of the items I will need is in my backpack and will get the rest soon so when I am away from home I can survive in the wild if I have to. I have to get to the nearest military base and so some shopping for MRE's to put in my backpack, and get a shovel which I can use to dig and put together a shelter in the forest. My sleeping bag, and liner is attached to the backpack and everything else is inside it. Some of the first things I put in it was my first aid kit, and cookware to cook in and to eat and drink in. I also made sure that I have the tablets to sterilize water, and a military canteen to carry water in.

  7. Technology has its pros & cons but kids need to be taught things that their smart phones do not teach them

  8. If you wear glasses a spare pair is important. Also a small fire start kit. Maybe an old altoid mint tin with cotton or dryer lint and a striker to spark light the dry stuff (something to start a fire with). Practicing that skill will help in a survival situation if it's cold out and you get wet. Hypothermia kicks in faster than we think. Or if you need to boil water to drink or cook, the ability to make a fire without matches is a very important skill.

  9. 2:10 a real mystery package there. other ingredients 83.12% lol
    4:00 that whetstone is massive!

  10. You brought out some great suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing. Take care and be safe.