15 thoughts to Survival Flashlights Without Batteries Where Can I Order At 21:40

  1. I seen it on my last trip @wallmart. Wasn't sure about it. Seen ur vid, now I will get one. Thanks.

  2. Hows it going man great review I was just wondering what knif you used in the video

  3. Great little piece of gear. I have the standard version, just the 3 sharpeners, and it works great. I like the extra features in this one.

  4. i saw one at the store but i wasnt sure if i should get one. Thx for the review. now i know what knive sharpener i want. love your vids

  5. If its the original or the X2, these things are an absolute MUST for a Cold Steel Shovel!
    Fast, easy, and effective!

  6. Hi, i bought one, anybody can tell me if the sharpener can hurt the knife edge?
    My experience , not problem with ''flat edge'' knifes, but may be with concave edge; i have an Molibdeno vanadium bowie (Muela leñador) second hand, and when i use it , ever remains some metal dust. The knife is sharp, but i cant cut paper.
    Of course i don't abuse with the sharpener.
    Tell me something