7 thoughts to Survival Flashlights Without Batteries Where To Purchase At 0:45

  1. Go buy a maglite. Buy the led conversion and batteries. Compare the price and then drop em in a bucket a water and see which one prevails. Regardless of the manufacturing company or country you should just see what does the job for you and stfu

  2. I gof that plus 2 indestructible lanterns. Amazing price and amazing performance!! Judge the product not thw country. Rayovac indestrucible line a great product no doubt

  3. Thanks for this nice review!! I saw this flashlight couple of weeks ago at Walmart for about $17.00 here in Torrance CA, and I almost buy it. Today, I went to the Roadium Swapmeet and I got it for $2.50!! What a deal!! And my last question was if it is water resistant or water proof, and your review shows it is. I am happy with my purchase. I also bought a uv Scorpion Master flash ligth for $2.50 also. The two for $5.00!! Thanks for making this reviews.

  4. If u dont wanna buy from "communist China", then u should probably stop using ur cell phone, ur camera, and everything electric in ur household….Good luck pal!!!

  5. You used that as a hammer and it continued to work. Sounds pretty nice for 20. Thanks for the review!

  6. I hope you don't shop around for the least expensive products you can find, then, while complaining that things are made in China. That would be hypocrisy. If you want made in USA, you have to pay more, because we pay employees more. So you should be buying a $100 flashlight, not a $20 one. This is why most things are made in China: consumers want the lowest prices, and corporations want the highest profits.

    I'm reminded of the Occupy Wall Street liberals who complained about the low wages that Walmart pays. Peter Schiff rightly told them that it's the consumer's fault for wanting low prices. Then he asked them, if they had to choose between two shirts, both identical shirts, but one costs $20 and another costs $50, but the $50 one pays their employees more, which shirt would they buy, and the little liars said they'd buy the $50 shirt. BS. No broke, poor, cheap liberal is going to give away $30 for no reason. It's antithetical to his entire argument to begin with. He's already complaining that he's poor, doesn't have enough money, and jealous that others have more and aren't giving it to him – why would someone with that mindset just give away money for no reason? Totally illogical.

    They are dishonest because they refuse to admit they are wrong. Just like with math, economics does not lie.

    Of course, Schiff is still a bit wrong. I mean, yeah, it's partly the consumer's fault for wanting such low prices, but a lot of it is due to the corporate greed that causes the business owners and top tier employees to take so much profit and not pass any down to the customer or low tier employees.