8 thoughts to Survival Gear 2019 How Can I Purchase At 4:47

  1. Good review, good video, and good lights. There was no need to review this product however. I think Thrunite has given one of these lights to everyone on youtube. Except me lol.

  2. These are awesome. I just bought a mini mag lite with similar functionality on clearance for $12.96 at Dick's sporting goods. Now to just get a red filter for it. I've watched all 241 of your videos over the course of my last 3 days off man! Great how to's and product reviews. They've totally opened up my eyes on being prepared for multiple scenarios. I built an emergency kit for my house and both my wife's car and my own based off what i've seen in your vids to be prepared wherever/whenever with at least the essentials for survival. I am still building our bug out kit(s). My 6 year old daughter is fascinated with the fire starting videos, lol. She's never seen anything like that before. It's cool to see her get in to it too. Anyways, sorry for the essay, but i wanted to show gratitude for what you do. Thank you very much. <Josh B.-Palm Springs, CA>

  3. if you are gunna peddle goods,show them in action .Even if its walking in your house at night.