14 thoughts to Survival Gear Anchorage How Can One Shop At 22:39

  1. Excellent kit. I'm in Canada. The main reason why I clicked on your video is because there were no guns I am fed up of looking at American bug out bags where the first thing they want to show you are all their guns and ammunition. I'm a cyclist like you and I was thinking of getting some bags for my bike. Only thing I can think that you might add to your kit is a very thin backpack that you can take all your stuff out of your bicycle bags and put it in. Ignore all the negative comments. I like your Muelay military knife, almost bought one but settled for another one of theirs. Might still buy it one day

  2. strawling through your videos – very cool. I didn't know you were into prepping as well. I made a few videos on that topic myself some years ago. Bug Out Bag, INCH bag, huge medical set, and so on. I stopped prepping cuz I felt it kept me locked in fear and negative thinking. However, if you wanna go offgrid much of it can still coem in handy. You have most thigs covered. Maybe an extra axe, and a lifestraw wouldn;t be too much of a luxury… or check my videos if you want to see what I have in these kits. Look forward to the next videos!! Thanks mate!

  3. Could you own a bow in the UK? A bow could be good for hunting and you can use it for defence (as long as the bad guys dont get their hands on guns)

  4. Might want to replace that heavy brick of a sharpening stone with a much smaller and significantly lighter DMT or Eze-lap diamond dust impregnated stone.

  5. Cool video! But… you use yr big ass knives for cooking and bushcraft and use the baton for self defense..? hmmmπŸ˜‰ a baton be no good for them pesky zombies bruh πŸ‘πŸ˜Š get a machete for cutting long twigs downπŸ˜‰

  6. fingernail clippers can come in handy if you are gone for a long time, also a pair of scissors for the hair