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  1. PERFECT edc/survival light: Fenix ld12. Newest version can last for 100 hours on fresh batteries @3 lumens, and 10.5 hours @ 30 lumens. goes all the way up to 125 lumens, waterproof, great lanyard, and its amazing i got mine almost 2 years ago and ever since then its always been by my side (day or night). it even saved my ass in a boating indecent, and being lost in the woods several times with friends it helped me find my way home. i stand by his light because i know it will stand by me! watch a review and you will be sold.

  2. What's with the extra 5 minutes of starring at the flashlight with some music in the background

  3. hello man i see yours videos and like the gerber brand, i live in mexico i hope you read this message, see you, god bless you man…p. d. sorry my english..

  4. Just one question. What protects the led bulb in the front? Does it have a protective lens over it???

  5. for the price my nebo has more features and alot more power and is just as compact

  6. wtf? a flashlight of that size with such bad features? 24 lumens for a flashlight that big is laughable…

    my thrunite Ti is 2 inches long, uses a single AAA battery and has 162 lumens. and it's made of titanium…and it's waterproof. and it's only $30. this light is a joke for that price

  7. It does not seem like a survival torch more like an inspection torch for cupboards etc

  8. Thanks for the tip! That reminds me, have you checked out Trankors Survival Secret? You can become virtually indestructible with the recommendations, google it if you're intrigued.

  9. "I recommend this product:
    So grateful it exists in 2020."

  10. mine just stopped working one day, it worked the day before, but I wanted to check it again before a trip and it didn't work anymore. Failed on me.

  11. I’ve had mine for years now, it’s been on multiple camping trips and has been dropped on concrete and hard materials. It still works perfectly. Although it does have some damage, and it’s from it being used for lots of years. Some of the paint on the aluminum has worn of and it looks a whole lot cooler now.

  12. "I recommend this product:
    So grateful it exists."

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους