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  1. Home Depot offered some free merchandise picks for filling out a survey. I took up the offer of this same flashlight for free but just needed to pay for postage. I sent in my order and in about 2 weeks got the flashlight. It was the same one you show in this video. That week I got a charge for $59 on my bank card. It was a strange company. I called them and asked what the charge was for. They said it was for the flashlight. I told them the promo said Free. They said it was not free. After arguing for a while they agreed to accept the return of the flashlight but I had to pay for return mailing cost USPS. They gave me a reference number and address that is in Tampa Florida. So I mailed it to the address they gave me, to a company different than the one that shipped the flashlight. Strange. Now lets see if they are good on the refund. If not, they will be getting a dispute by my bank card. Looks like a SCAM. Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

  2. A company using this name, AUTO GADGETZ, sent to me two of these flashlights that I did NOT order, and they charged my VISA $89.95. I called the number AUTO GADGETZ 855-9272760 CA, and the representative said that I had ordered these and refused to refund my money. On December 15 I did respond to a survey that promised the flashlights to be free if I completed the survey paying only $5.00 for shipping. Before I completed the form with personal information, I decided NOT to make the order, and I did not enter my complete credit information and canceled the order. However, I received the two flashlights in the mail, and a charge on my VISA. I was certainly in error responding to such a common trick as this, and I accept this responsibility, however, I did NOT order these flashlights. I canceled the order before it was completed! I expect a refund.
    p.stone, NC

  3. I fell for free flashlight only pay shipping 5.74 only to be charged 54.00 15 days later. I called from number on Bank statement. Nothing free about it,I paid shipping and was charged 54.00 for flashlight. I was told by lady it is buried in terms and conditions. Nothing is free. Exact same China flashlight, exact.shame on them and shame on me.