2 thoughts to Survival Gear And Food How To Order At 8:44

  1. Suggest that you always carry a regular lighter as well. I also carry about 5' of duct tape wrapped around a credit card size piece of plastic. It is good for shoe repairs or anti-chafing for your feet. I wrap my pull handle on my carrier with para-cord. I also use paracord for my shoelaces instead of regular laces. I would add aspirin or acetaminophen to your med bag. I would get rid of the screwdriver. You have a leatherman. I would also check to make sure your leatherman doesn't have a knife in it. Most leatherman' knifes are illegal in Japan. I also keep non-latex gloves with my mouth shield. I would also keep about 2000 yen in 100 yen coins. I keep at least 10000 yen inside the battery compartment of my cellular phone.

  2. Nice video. Suggest you have something to purify water with (even just some iodine tabs – also double as disinfectant). Japan is very vulnerable to earthquakes, so access to safe water is pretty essential if the SHTF and the water sources are contaminated. Would the iodine also double as some sort of protection in the event of radioactive fallout?