7 thoughts to Survival Gear And Supplies Best Price To Buy At 12:38

  1. When you make a video, don't say what you're going to do, or going to use. Just do it. Start by saying "I'm lighting 3 oz of whever in this alcohol stove under 12oz of water…." as you actually light it!

  2. Completely wrong alcohol stove for this test. The top of that stove must be sealed off by the pot in order to have the jets work properly. You may as well have put the alcohol in a pop can bottom and called that a stove. Not efficient when used that way. If you raised the stove to the level of the top of the wood burner so the pot could seal it then you would have a good test. Or you could use a penny stove. That would make a good test as well.

  3. I would suggest the Vargo Triad alcohol stove, it will burn 12 to 17 minutes on one ounce of fuel, so it will definately get the water boiled. These ;ittle home made stoves are cute, but they can't beat the Vargo stoves.

  4. That particular stove seems pretty inefficient for your purposes. A Trangia would last at least 8-10 minutes with 1oz of fuel. I also use 1oz as my test case with various stoves.

  5. Why use the Vargo with a canteen cup? Use the canteen cup 'stove' that fits over the cup and inside a canteen cover. I use 2 pieces of wire coat hanger bent to fit as a 'grill' so the cup sits steadier. Of you take cotton balls and dip them in wax, they can be used like a home made, reusable Esbit tab. 2 or 3 balls will cook dinner. Use a doubled or 4 layer foil cup lid to improve the boil time. Just stomp out the cotton ball after you're done and when cool, pack them away and use them