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  1. i'd love to get hooked up with your school and eventually progress to teaching alongside yall.

  2. Very cool Rob…. I'm I wanna try now that I got my Sigmora I feel like Rambo!!! I'm coming to the fn Jungle with yinz!!!!

  3. the comment that it does "not matter" how much humidity is in the air is completely false.the effort required to light a fire is exponentially harder as the humidity increases.The other point to be made is bow drills require good cordage. it would be far better to teach people how to use a hand drill proficiently. instead of bringing Para cord to make a bow drill, bring a lighter :Dits like the geniuses on naked and afraid who insist they don't need a fara rod because they got taught how to use a bow drill, (mid fire season back home).mid wet season in high humidity, your shirt is dripping sweat till you either strip or overheat, you are bordering on heat stroke, and this is before you start the marathon three day attempt to make fire because "someone told you humidity didn't matter, and any wood was fine".from the look of it, the wood was beach hibiscus, which is well known throughout the pacific and top of Australia as the best wood for drills, fire sticks etc …..and is also the best wood for fishing spears.