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Karl: we are here with Dave Davis to talk
about the new PSR rifle if you go to the
dictionary and you look up subject
matter expert
there’s a picture Dave right here under
sniper rifles and sniper operations Dave
why don’t you tell us a little bit about what
you got right here Dave: well we got the PSR
multi-barrel multi caliber precision
sniper system latest and the greatest
thing out on the market and let me tell you no
Remington has knocked it out of the
ballpark Karl: that they did
Dave: now this thing comes in the 308 301 mag
and closest you’re gonna get to standardized sniper round is a 338 Lapua excellent gun excellent gun got
a lot of rounds a lot of time behind
this gun and I’ve found a new love great
great great weapon system Karl: what are you
like best about it Dave: 20 different men out
there you got 20 different sizes and
shapes right-handed left-handed totally
module from lint to pull to total I can
put all my current night-vision laser
systems and everything else on this
thing and this thing’s ready to go to war
and it’s so user-friendly so modular and
I can adjust it for everybody with the
short guy to the long guy to the big guy
to the little guy and it’s compatible
with all current lasers lights and
night-vision systems we have them system
Karl: awesome awesome
alright talk to us a little bit about
swapping these barrels out Dave: talk about it
let’s do it Karl: let’s do it Dave: alright first
thing we got to do is make sure I’ve
done is clear to get the bolt out of
this gun we’re gonna have to collapse
the stock and actually physically remove
it unlike our standard Remington 700 we’re
so accustomed to with a bolt release it
on the bottom physically on the top
simply take off the side has a uh a barrel
system very similar to them forward not
only similar but the support the torque
spec is the exact same just like dad
use to say
righty-tighty lefty-loosey we’re going
to take our little 35 inch pounds of a
torque wrench here put it up here 35
pounds is not a little quick little tap
she breaks loose go ahead and spin it
off Karl: when you say we swap this to 308 bigger change
Dave: well this gun does come in a 338 Lapua
and 301 mag the changing
requirements of the exact same between
those two
– Magnum calibers the 308 slightly
different because it’s a short action
round we’re gonna have to put a mag
block in there Karl: exactly that’s what I want to do Dave: outstanding
Karl: we’re gonna make it a little harder for you
Dave: there you go we’re going to go ahead and
remove this pull it straight on out very
similar barrel extension to the old m4
ar-15 with the index pin as well we do
simply have to remove that barrel nut
we’re going to use it over and over let
me exchange with you there
Karl: now the bolt is already in there Dave: we’re
going to pull this bolt out and if you
got any problems we got three different
bolts three different barrels actually
indexed on the bottom – which one’s set
that offside next to our bolt we’re
gonna take very gingerly slide this on
there not to mess with our threads go
all the way up there take a note of the of my
indexing pen almost slightly
elevate this to get my nut to slide down
in there with it slide it right on down
in there
i’ma get started level’er back down if
you’ll notice I’m gonna rotate around so
I see my index pins there make sure it’s
he’s fully seated Karl: put that nut back in Dave: get my
nut back in there I’m just going to here
and get her nice then you’re tight as
far she’ll go take my same wrench you’ll
just support the gun there for me Karl: I
sure will Dave: index it take another bite you
go here a little metallic click that
there she goes now we’re going to turn our
attention to our bolt Karl: once we go to our
torque wrench Dave: there she goes
now the old Remington bolt before
you’d simply counterclockwise that
unscrew it this one we’re going to do
about 1/8 of the turn and it’s
spring-loaded it’s gonna slide right on
out I got a little pin up here I’m going
to capture that pin slide this out slide
my little pin out that and now I’ll hand
you my three three at Lapua bolt Karl: and I’m
going to put it back in Dave: my 308 barrel I
will ensure that I in fact have it I
have a little index pin on the bottom
and it’s self-explanatory gone in there
until my hold lines up pops into place a
Karl: nice Dave: my little screw there which would
look like a screwdriver there’s actually
a line indicating downrange and we’ll
simply slide that in there
ensure its flush and pointed downrange
insert my firing pin back in there with
my two load lock system okay
just that little eighth of a turn again
there Karl: so you don’t have to use a dime
like you did Dave: absolutely not reinsert
into the gun all right
there you go now taking note between my
two long three 331 Meg and 33
magazines you notice my shorter 308
so how are we going to compensate
that difference Karl: we are going to insert a
magazine block Dave: you exactly we’ll
simply stand this up and in there we
have a captured screw will simply slide
it into place lock it
get my Bolt my mag release fully in
thing take my 65-inch pounds Karl: now that
torque wrench is also preset to 65 inch pounds Dave:
preset for 65 pounds it’s not only
preset for sixty-five pounds it’s also
the same wrench to take the action out
of the stock as well as to separate the
stock farm awesome now that we have that
insert it is now ready to receive the
308 ten round magazine Karl: nice that’s it as
quick as he talked us through it that’s
as quick as swapping calibers out now
Dave surely that can’t be accurate
swapping calibers Dave: I get that question
all the time all the time we are talking
about the same weapon system in three
different calibers adding the suppressor
taking the suppressor off adding the
barrel taking the barrel back on this is
outstanding weapon system submitted
evangeline all calibers minimal if any
shift whatsoever from the uniqueness
from each gun to the gun but as we go
out and shoot this gun and we see the
accuracy capability and take the barrel
put it back on in repeatability and then
add another suppressor which is a three
through eight caliber suppressor but we
can use on all three barrels Karl: all three calibers
Dave: so adding it we’re getting very very
minimal shift but it’s very predictable
from gun to gun the gun so in my
ballistic apps
I simply annotate that under my notes
and I’m able to go from one caliber
through some historical knowledge of get
out on that range and shoot and know
your system and we have absolutely no
problems whatsoever Karl: and because it’s
repeatable like you said getting out
there having the knowledge of your
system gathering that data so as long as its
repeatable you can do that and I
remember we had it out at the range we
kept swapping back and forth back and
forth till it got old Dave: I have got that
question so many times the only way to
simply answer that question is seeing
believing Karl: there we go Dave: I said hey you
want to see this thing in action let’s
go to the range and they leave they’re
going wow we’re torquing to the same spec
seeing with the same depth same harmonics and
everything it’s great this gun is is
like I said Remington has hit a homerun
Karl: definitely did besides just a
gun you talked about the sexy suppressor
the three calibers what are some of the
other gee-whiz 21st century gizmos
that are pushing our snipers above and
beyond anybody else on the planet
Dave: we got an outstanding Schmidt & Bender
scope here comes with a trim or two
reticle universe with all the calibers
we have these Weaver bait I mean these
Picatinny base bases here that we’ll see
received any current issued night vision
out there or lasers won’t you hand me
one of them over there hit that let’s do
the latest in the greatest right here
and night industries later I have this
excellent day to day scope it’s already
zeroed set up I got ballistic data I got
it ready to go
the Sun Goes Down I simply add it will
ready go to war Karl: so instead of having to
carry a whole separate upper that would
have night vision on it these guys are
already carrying all this up the
mountain they don’t need all that extra
weight they just throw this on and now
they’re able to go through the whole
night Dave: sun just went down Sun just come
up Karl: nice Dave: 230 the 24 the 26 throw them on there
Karl: awesome awesome awesome
what else you got what other gee-whiz gadgets
Dave: well if we’re going to be talk about
night vision what can we do some things
we can do to augment that night vision how
brought some of my various lasers Karl: let’s
start with a big one Dave: oh the big one the
big one gives us many capabilities this
is the 23 the storm it gives me a laser
range of fine capabilities long way out
there as well as illumination and
Karl: Define long range out there because
a lot of the laser rangefinders that you
find on the civilian market will be the
X 1000 and the reality is it really
won’t reflect off of a deer or a
two-legged mammal out past about 600
what’s a real range on this thing
Dave: good point good point the reflect
ability of the target is going to do his
capability if I have a flat sided
building out there with a tin roof
you’re gonna get some good data and
you’re gonna get if you have a a man out
there it’s got a big wool jacket on he’s
not gonna be real reflective so you know
the data we get off these is under ideal
circumstances go if you have a man
standing next to a building and you
can’t get a good splash on him Karl: get the building Dave: get the building absolutely
Karl: okay Dave: and then not only the the storm as
well as we got the la-5 some of the
older pq2 stuff and given the the
modularity of the system we can go right
side left side we can do lights we can
do lasers we can do we can you know if
it’s totally pitch dark I do everybody
thinks this this is going to turn the
night into day not necessary Karl: still need that
ambient light Dave: you got to have that
ambient light it magnifies what’s there
Karl: I’m a big fan of using the illuminators
especially if there’s not that much of a
threat of the enemy have a night vision
and if they do you wait to the last
second the start of the assault
countdown and the illuminator really
adds a lot to the fight Dave: when not only
the illumination to eliminate that area
but night vision is going to take you right up
to the edge of the woods and it’s kind
of dark but that illuminator I can look
down in there like a flashlight Karl: you can
Dave: got a vehicle I deal with the windows up
we can look in Karl: inside Dave: absolutely Karl: same thing on a building you
can look through Dave: you can Karl: definitely do
that Dave: good points Karl: what about ballistic
computers Dave: well in the old days in the
army we’d look up here and there would
be some information about ammunition
dough dicks typed caliber and all that
and would have some additional set of
numbers it would be ballistically set up
for that particular caliber that
particular barrel Karl: the old BDC Dave: the old BDCs absolutely
now we have a universal reticle that’s
in the scope itself that is basically a
grid pattern and the your ballistic data
that you retrieve out of either your
current issues ballistics the
up-and-coming data or you guys go out
there and get that app offline and put it on your phone
Karl: there’s 20 or 30 different programs
all of them are pretty decent Dave: that’s this
week what’s it going to be next week
Karl: yeah exactly Dave: so what it is is when I change
these calibers I just go to my
appropriate profile and pull it up and
there I am and in my notes I have the
shifts for that one go from 300 to 301
Meg and I’m ready to go to war
Karl: anything else jumps out jumps out at you
that we missed
Dave: I really like from a prescient
standpoint the maintenance on this if
this was a standard bolt-action rifle I
would have to send us back the barrel
would have to be removed put on and
headspace and machine some true gunsmith
with this what’s stopping me from
just calling the factory and say send me
a new three three eight barrel because
the bolt comes in at headspace I can
slap I keep on going Karl: nice very very
nice Dave: you know all right so Dave: I could even
have maybe several extra barrels for
anticipate a round count when I’m
overseas or something Karl: yeah I hadn’t
thought of that that’s a good plan Dave: I can take
extra Karl: then it don’t cost that much
either Dave: shipping this back there the
timeframe the weight Karl: you lose our gun
the whole time you’re there Dave: I can make a
phone call having ups Karl: fix it overnight
get the gun back in the fight Dave: I can give
that in user that operate on the ground
the ability to put a new barrel in his
gun Karl: without having it to go back out of
a safe house up on the mountain they can
swap and do the maintenance right there
Dave: if I went to a safe house and a guy had
a gun since my gun shot out he’s got to
physically give me that gun I may or may
not be able to give him another one
based on m2 and availability that’s true
but I’m had the ability now to walk up
and say here’s your bear has your bull
mattifies what caliber you need and I
fixed it Jack would you saw me just
change that barrel
I just replaced a barrel Karl: brand
new gun ready to write new gun ready to
go awesome PSR total home run Remington
has knocked it out of the park air Dave
thanks for your time brother Dave: appreciate
it appreciate it

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