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  1. im inpressed. due to a stroke i have limited use in left hand,, hard for me 2 make things. may i ask u pls how much u charge to make me one send to me in nova scotia? my service dog and i go into the woods alot. thk karen

  2. For the sharp edges, we abrade the eight edges and eight corners with emery cloth (or, in a pinch, rub them on concrete sidewalk). To try to hold it together if it shatters, I used clear shipping tape on the part that is not the aimer. I have used black electrical tape, too, but I thought the wide shipping tape had better contact. For the edges, the electrical tape seems good, too. See my channel for other signal mirror videos.

  3. What you can use instead of a buffer pad, you can use a pencil eraser to clean it out to see better.

  4. "A razor blade is more manly than scissors" There is nothing manly about using the wrong tool for the job to try and act like a tough guy. It's actually pretty dumb and pathetic. Other than that. Good video. Just got my first signalling mirror from the store and it has the retroreflective aimer built in.

  5. Hi All About Jack and areyouprepped;
    It must be "Retro Reflective" tape. This is kind of the opposite of
    reflective tape.
    Retro reflectors send the light back in the direction it came from.
    Unlike normal reflectors which work like a normal mirror.
    It must be attached to the back side of the main mirror.
    The light is sent back towards the sun where it hits the back
    side of the front surface of the glass and is sent back to your eye.
    These rays of light are parallel to the suns rays from the main mirror.
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