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  1. The 5.11+ ATAC L1 Flashlight with more than 170 lumen from a Cr123A Battery and three modes it´s an amazing flashlight,but here in Portugal it is expensive ,i bought it for about 65 euros,wich would be about more than seventy dollars.But a great emergency flashlight is the Inova microlight,INOVAS are great,The XL50 from Maglight also very good.But for a good flashlight/bat the big "old " Maglights are unbeatable

  2. Not bad for the price I would want something that lasts longer is my only real concern but hopefully your not gonna need 3+ hours of light lol. Hey J.J is there any way we can exchange like emails I'd like to swap pack lists. If so just contact me at [email protected] appreciate man.

  3. my benchmark for an EDC flashlight has always been the streamlight stylus pro. pretty much the same exact price point and have never had any issues.