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previously on Papaji alright guys what’s
going on right now I just drew on the
blog and camera because something is
happening something is going down right
now versus the emergency alert then this
package something’s not right you don’t
think the Baron could be up to something
do you we haven’t heard from the Baron
in a really long time the medicine
that’s in this bag supposedly could be
the serum to stop the zombie virus which
means we need to trap a zombie and try
it on one it’s the only way we can know
for sure if this will stop it
round Logan Logan wake up get back okay
come on wake up Logan look at wake up
come on you gotta get up we’re down on
ammunition they’re piling up out front
look I know we don’t have any food or
water but you got to get all of your
strength we’ve got to get out we’ve got
to go to the supply locker Jake I’m so
hungry I don’t know if I can do this
look and look I know but we have to go
outside we have to get to the supply
locker we stashed away a bug-out kit
with all the essentials in there we’ll
be able to survive a little bit longer
in this base the zombies are coming in
if we’re gonna expand to reinforce this
place we need supplies
not to mention the backpack look if it
if what the doctor said is true and we
really have the cure to all this we need
to start thinking about creating a
zombie trap and testing out the Cure on
it we need to build a trap and test it
out on the zombie
we’re just happen take the power to shut
off the power to shut off what’s going
on you check the front it’s pitch black
out here see flashlights in here Jake I
don’t like this I don’t either let’s
check outside
oh no no pull the power’s out
looks like stuffs really hitting the fan
out there right at the power shut off
Ivy’s the grid in the neighborhoods also
shut off it’s supposed to set a
disadvantage we can’t see the zombie so
we can hear them but we’re traveling out
there we got to stay close what kind of
lights do we have we have five of these
lamps I’ve got one flashlight in two
head mounts that’s all you have limited
batteries but look I’m gonna strap this
onto my weapon it should be one last
bullet here okay look I love one shot
with this I can load up my gun with this
and strap the flashlight to it but for
you we’re gonna need to find you a
weapon something we can use as a melee
weapon we’ve got some extra cardboard
here okay I can make like like a sword
sword yeah that might just work load it
up here let’s grab the tape and build
yourself a sword
the Hat should hold the book we gotta go
we gotta start moving their altar off
the house we’re not gonna make it to the
storage locker without proper weapons
let’s start building sword
so much it’ll work when we head out that
plus a headlamp should keep us safe all
right let’s get your sword built and
then we gotta head out towards the
storage locker Jake if we only have one
shot how are we gonna take out all these
zombies we’re gonna have to play it
let’s forget to the storage locker there
should be extra supplies in there that
we can use to take him out well it’s
have to be really stealthy how of
zombies could see in the dark either so
be stealthy is gonna be our strongest
asset right now
right don’t get up already to go you
ready I’ve got my spear all right when
we open this door just gonna be a zombie
on the other side I’m gonna use my last
beer ready just in case what oh I was
close all right come on let’s move
look at the body out high grab your gear
let’s go never stood a chance let’s head
over here first
oh ho that’s a close call scary man Hey
look let’s check out the side wall here
this place is falling apart
watch your step is it it’s a weapon and
ammunition oh ho ho yes grab this put in
your pocket me to load up look there’s a
weapon for you looks like it’s a
silencer perfect here grab this this is
great for stealth hold that up a little
fine once we have these loaded up we can
make our way towards the supply locker
we should be able to defend ourselves
now got myself fully locked and loaded
here silencer I gotta make it across the
hall into the second room and there’s a
supply locker but the power out the door
lock system is gonna be offline I’m
gonna have to hack into it manually
which means you have to cover me with
this stupid light
all right follow my lead stay quiet
let’s go Jake I don’t like this what we
got survive this we got to get to the
bottom of this zombie virus
come on the store’s broken down
there is open perfect so we’re here
trying to boot up your best Kevlar
helmets food and water weapons alright
guys we’ve made to the supply locker
we’ve gone right here and well I’ve
geared up fairly well but look we’re
gonna stop the zombie virus we need to
try out that vaccine that the doctor
left us that truly works then we’ll well
be able to reverse the zombies and save
the world but the only way we can do
that is by trapping one now that we have
our gear food and water we’re gonna head
back to the base and regroup grab some
food grab some water regain our strength
reinforce the door and then we can make
a zombie trap plus of zombies trapped we
can administer the serum and hopefully
save the world
alright let’s gather all this stuff
water here grab this helmet
Sami comes at you you’re gonna need it
really quiet don’t worry got a crossbow
this is a silent but deadly G let’s do
stop Sami come almost back at pace we
can lock up and secure down the base
Jay what was that no it’s coming from
that door hello open the door you open
the door open the door right now
oh you look there’s no guns I can’t open
it open the door
ah trader Johanns
Trader Joe’s money
post-apocalypse wear-and-tear sellers my
game if you catch my drift
I got all your wears and tears in here
everything you could want in the
apocalypse I got food attachments
weapons ammunition everything comes to
training Jones wears intense
I wanna help you – how do you even have
power right now
ah Janet you always have power in the
apocalypse right ah looks like you two
could use some bears got myself here a
nice cross well built it myself
got my vision come hey now look I fancy
you too far
Oh bolt it will take a bunch of stuff
but we have money and tons of money we
need all this I don’t take money in the
I call it YouTube likes YouTube likes
that’s right Oh many likes you have on
your last video you’ve been trading in
from our past this one right here three
thousand legs oh this one ten hours and
lags but very much worth it well that’s
sweet I’ll take it cheap no ah yeah you
are perfect
oh wait Jake we have to spend these
wisely I mean it totally pretty cool
who else you have I got lots of talked a
but then dice take it yeah we’ll take
them yeah yeah and looks like your last
video has made attachment for one of
your wipers so these both in for the
rest your likes yeah we’ll take them
yeah you are that all I can do for you
whoa what’s that
oh you spotted it did you yes this is
baked pass it now she goes for 30,000
you boys can get 30,000 likes on this
new video you could buy yourself now why
don’t you come back to training Joe when
you got more lives we get 30,000 likes I
promise we gonna tell the viewers oh oh
dude let’s thing look too awesome it was
a massive turret that could help us
survive against the zombie apocalypse we
mount that on our base nothing’s getting
in we need 30,000 likes 3,000 likes
alright guys you heard trader Joe if
we’re gonna buy that we need 30,000
likes on this video I think we can come
back next video
and by that turret for our base but all
right look we’re gonna get back to base
camp down I think we need to figure out
how to turn the power back on same all
right let’s get inside stocked up with
food water and ammunition all right lock
the door all right
she keeps Ami’s out for now lights
powers back on
must’ve been rolling blackouts these
blackouts could progressively get worse
and worse as the apocalypse continues
all right I start dividing the gear and
you start building this trap as soon as
possible all right that gear from trader
Joe really came in handy that no that’s
a nice upgrade and check it out I was
able to reinforce the base with the time
I had we’ve got all of our supplies in
here weapons hey munition Kevlar helmets
as well as our food and water we still
have as much as I want but has we expand
this base we should start expanding our
supplies I think next up we need to make
a medical Bay and here when you’re
defending the front I’ve stored all of
our extra ammunition as well as
flashlight so if the power goes out we
grab up from here take out those zombies
hitting up our front we’re gonna stop
this thing we need to build that trap we
need to trap ourselves a real zombie I
have the antidote here now this this is
supposed to cure the zombies we’re gonna
need to get one a trap to use it
all right let’s use the duct tape trader
Joe gave us and start building the trap
once the zombies caught up in it
what minced through this get into the
back it’s secure there start building
we have our fully functioning zombie
trap this thing is made out of
reinforced cardboard we’ve got a bunch
of side soon that we can look in to see
if we caught the zombie and of course
the front entrance here so once the
zombie enters into the trap it’ll open
like so he’ll walk in and then the door
will shut now this door is not coming
open this way because it’s got this
latch here which prevents it from
opening outward you can go in but you
can’t get out now we just gotta move it
out front Jake I just realized how are
we gonna get the zombie inside the MREs
we’ve I have some extra food in them we
can use as a lure and put it inside the
trap the zombie will come in to eat and
get stuck I’ll go check what we have in
a storage room eggs strawberry jam that
means there’s gotta be something here
what’s this
well it’s bread survival bread okay this
will be perfect all right I got it some
well bread this was part of the MRE this
isn’t exactly the bread you’d like to
eat on a daily basis but it’ll last for
30 plus years and it’s good enough for
zombies we’ll put this inside set this
up out front and hopefully capture
ourselves a zombie
all right the traps will set up wait oh
can you hear that zombies are coming we
gotta get back inside right now
oh it’s get I made it back inside the
base zombies are still throughout the
house but look the trap set up there so
I think it’s time for us to go to bed if
we wake up tomorrow and there’s a zombie
caught we can try the serum on it and
well if that cures the zombie
we have a cure for the zombie apocalypse
but if not we’re gonna need to expand
the base keep building on not sure what
we’ll build next so you might have to
let us know in the comments but more
importantly we need to secure the front
guys we need those 30,000 likes so we
can buy that turd from trader Joe we’re
still a little low on ammo hold on here
though for the night all right I think
it’s time we get some shut-eye I’ll grab
first watch
alright how many get to bed grab this
wake me if there’s any trouble we’ll see
you guys next time

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Survival Gear At Buy Near Me

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