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  1. Don't believe this will charge a phone. Does it put out a minimal amount of electricity yes. But you would have to keep a fire going for hours to get any real charge. The problem is all these reviews show only a few minutes of charge time. Your phone makes estimates of charge percent that are not accurate until the charge time has been running for a while

  2. 7:15 dude can you not see the smoke….we can see the smoke….your brain washed

  3. 9:25 Eventually that light will break the USB jack and that will be useless

  4. this guys voice reminders me of a girl or something stranger for a man

  5. They should have come with a triangular stainless ring that allows use of those pots

  6. Old information from 2016! When will BioLite come up with newer designs lager capacity batteries, etc..

  7. i have the non regen version. its fun to have on a picnic, but its a little too small. Id like to see them a little taller so the fuel doesn't protrude so easily thus hindering the pot on the top. And if it was slightly larger diameter. These two changes would make it bit more functional. Great idea but I think version 2 would be sweet

  8. Your video is beautiful but people in our country don't have the money to buy one. I love it biolite camp stove 2 I wish you to make such a beautiful video