6 thoughts to Survival Gear At Dollar Tree How To Order At 19:47

  1. I am an Army Vet This is what 20+ Years Taught me.
    Plastic gloves (Like Cooks Use) available in Dollar Stores are great to put on to "Keep Hands Clean" when you are relieving yourself . When "Wiping /Clean private areas, i.e.( Rear and Front) Flushable Wipes & Paper Towels soaked in Witch Hazel works best for cleaning your privates. Water ,Warm/Cld will work but not as good as Witch Hazel. Acidophilus helps diarrhea and can also "UnFreeze" a "Clogged" Stomach, Helps with E Coli, Can Heal it

  2. Toe Nail/ Finger Nail Clippers are Important piece of equipment as well.

    A good thing to Keep in a Bag, Car or on Key Chains. They are Multi Purpose; If You get a Fisher,( Cut in Your Skin, Piece of your Finger; meat Sticking out, Splinter etc) You can cut those pieces safely quickly efficiently off. You can cut in "Hard To Get To Places as well. Keep it; Clean and Rust Free.

    Toe/Nail Clippers are also good for cutting Fishing Line Thin Wire etc. Stainless Steel Versions are also available.