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[Percussive Drumming]
Today I’ve got something I’ve never looked at before
I’ve never looked at anything
in this category before.
Now, on the surface
it looks like I’m going to unbox
some kind of briefcase.
That’s kind of what it is
at least in terms of form factor.
But inside, is quite a bit of tech.
This is a product from a company called “Renogy”
it’s the Phoenix Generator
This is a suitcase full of power.
And the reason it’s a generator
is because when it flips open,
it’s actually two fully functional
solar panels that can bring power in
and then store it on the internal battery
You can see up here, “Built-in Monocrystalline Solar Panels (20 Watts)”.
“Expandable up to 120 Watts”
Now, you see a guy over here, he’s got a backpack,
he’s out in the wilderness he’s enjoying himself,
but he still needs power.
Alright, I don’t know, maybe he’s got to juice up his
various devices, maybe he’s got a drone he likes to fly around cause he’s in the mountains
and he’s gettin’ shots, who knows what the scenario is
But this thing here,
is a ton of juice on the road.
Myself, I would probably be more inclined to keep it in the truck,
keep it as a backup battery that I could charge from the sun.
Maybe your one of these zombie apocalypse type dudes
or a survival-prepper type guy.
Either way, giant battery in a form factor
that I haven’t seen before
which is this essentially fold out briefcase style.
You got a few more specs.
It has a “Multi-mode LED Light” built in.
A “DC Charge port”, an “AC charge port”,
So if you do want to charge up the battery without the sun,
off of a wall outlet, you can
I think a lot of people will do that.
Got USB ports, four of them.
12 Volt DC output ports.
That’s a full sized AC out
so that means that you’re charging equipment
that plugs into the wall.
This is really amazing to look at these specs over here
It can charge an iPad eight times,
a drone three times,
a laptop five times,
and a GoPro 47 times
So let’s crack this baby open and see what it looks like.
Accessory box I assume.
[Throws packaging material at Jack]
[To Jack] – You weren’t expecting that.
He’s like oh it’s a low key safe video
and then
BOOM! You gotta stay on guard!
Alright so here’s the unit.
HOO! That thing seems tough.
Taking a closer peak at this you know
you’re not dealing with a regular briefcase.
That’s where all your connectivity lives
As I said before, full sized AC port,
cigarette lighter,
couple of USBs actually four
And that door, has a gasket on it
So I’m assuming you’re going to have some water resistance there.
And on the other side, let’s pop this baby down.
Here’s the AC in,
the cigarette lighter in — so this is to charge the unit up
if you’re not using the solar panels.
Over here is that big light that’s included.
And this is the cool part.
Looks like an everyday regular briefcase until this.
And then once you got that goin’
energy from the sun! What a beautiful concept.
Renewable, off the grid,
I don’t know what you’re power consumption needs are,
but hey, as a back up source, this is pretty cool.
Maybe you’re going to a music festival,
you get this baby out there, and you become the talk of the town.
You’re the focal point, people come over, they charge up.
That could be you.
Every cord known to man that you could possibly want.
A charge cable for either —
That’s a lightning connector right there.
There’s also a micro USB for android devices and otherwise.
A cigarette lighter cable.
Like I said, I think that people who keep this in their truck, or their car,
that’s going to be an easy way to get juice into this unit.
Oh wow, and check this one out.
This one looks like it’s for a light bulb.
It is!
With a light switch.
The zombies don’t stand a chance.
You’re gonna be living in luxury.
So, as you can see I have 43% battery life built in.
I activate the AC out.
Or the DC [beep] out.
Look at that.
That’s a bright —
That’s actually a pretty bright flashlight there.
Check that out that’s an SOS mode
So when the zombies are closing in, this is your mode right here.
Alright, now we should definitely try and charge something up.
The cool think with this Phoenix Generator is
the fact that it can act as the hub
for various devices.
There are so many inputs and outputs here
that you could charge a wide variety of stuff
Now, obviously here I’ve got some phones, and iPad,
and even a camera.
This is an A7S
And what you’ll see is when I go ahead and turn on
these ports,
(Just hit a button here)
for both, and you’ll see them come on.
So now absolutely everything here is charging.
Now, these two phones and the camera are plugged into three
of the four available USB ports
With the iPad we’re actually using
the AC output
I could also crack this open while
those were charging, just like this.
And then boom, now I’m getting sunlight
charging this up, charging these up
I’m golden.
It’s a pretty cool little package
Giant battery and the ability to charge itself
from the sun.
As long as the sun is still up there.
I think there are some certain apocalypse theorys that
wip the sun out as well.
In which case…
Well, you’ll be dead anyway.
So, I can’t help you there.

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  1. Do you think could power a studio spotlight? Because this would be extremely useful for photo-shoots on the go!

  2. isn't that thing a little too big to carrying around in the wilderness!? woudn't a flexible solar map to roll up a better idea!? even if its not that efficient as that giant thing?